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Legalization of Prostitution - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course June 10, 2012 Prostitution In order to discuss on whether prostitution should be legalized or not, there is a need to, first, understand what prostitution is and who prostitutes are. There is also a need to get a background on the origin of prostitution before coming up with any opinions on the practice…
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Legalization of Prostitution
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Download file to see previous pages According to these two definitions, it clear that financial gain is the result of offering or providing sex. A prostitute, therefore, is a person who offers or provides sex in exchange for financial gain. History of prostitution Prostitution is considered one of the world’s oldest professions going back to ancient times and civilizations. It traces its origins back to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia and their religious practices. This is from the practice that involved the king having sexual relations with the high priestess in order to secure the fertility of the earth in the process that brings people into being (Fanni, 2012, para. 2). The practice has continued over time and even has an account in the bible, in the book of Genesis. In ancient Greece, women were bought as slaves and taken to sex schools to learn how to provide revenue by selling sex (Fanni, 2012, para. 10). With these beginnings, it has been in existence with every civilization including slavery in Africa where kings owned women as slaves and sheltered them. To sustain themselves, they were expected to offer themselves sexually to men to receive gifts. In addition, .in Greek civilization, prostitutes went as far as to gain elite social status as a result of education and skill in their trade. Prostitution became a practice put into question with the rise of the Catholic Church in Europe, and its regard that all sexual practices outside marriage were sinful. As a result of the spread of Catholicism, prostitution became an offense that one could be prosecuted and punished for. Legalization of prostitution Prostitution in most parts of the world is an illegal practice and punishable by law. Legislative measures have been put in place to curb the vice that is practiced widely all over the world. In my opinion, prostitution has two sides to it, as to why it should, and should not be legalized. These points are highly controversial and of attract a lot of public attention, debate and opinion. Economic activities Prostitution should be legalized as it benefits the women involved in the trade as well as the countries involved. In regard to this, prostitution is taken as an economic development project that can generate revenue to be used in the countries. The key idea in this development is to work towards sustainable prostitution under the notion that sex is a human need and that sexual needs must be met. Therefore, as a way to cater for the sexual needs of the human populations, there is a need to influence prostitution, which is here to stay, into a beneficial venture with more responsibility and accountability. Legalization of prostitution; and its use as an economic venture can be engaged by poor and marginalized women so as to earn a living (Raymond 2004, p. 1162). The results of the above argument have already manifested themselves in Australia. In Australia, where prostitution is legal, revenue collected in a span of one week is up to 7 million dollars. These revenues are only from the state of Victoria, and only 60,000 men take part in the practice (Raymond 2004, p. 1162). If the revenue from then entire country were calculated, it would mean that it is a profitable venture. In addition, it is providing more employment opportunities to those with additional training on how to deal with persons with disabilities. For example, in Australia, some of those who are actively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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