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The population of the jailhouses is increasing day by day and the government does not have enough reserves to provide funds for the increasing cost of operating prisons. There are several solutions…
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Download file to see previous pages In order to change the face of the criminal justice system and the prison management system, prostitution should be made legal and it should be highly supervised and regulated.
Prostitution has been witnessed in the US society for several years, several rules and regulations have been made to erase every possible element of prostitution but no government regulation or government itself has been able to counter it. Prostitution is not only a part of US, it is even a part of the most conservative and religious nations throughout the world. Utah is one of the states that have very high rate of population, even criminal justice operators and officials seem to believe that prostitution is a very huge business within US. Legalization of prostitution has a very huge history; certain rights were awarded to the prostitutes within Egypt during the era of 18th century. Various nations have allowed prostitution to operate as a legal business, these nations have ensured that even the profession such as prostitution is conducted in a moral way and other immoral activities are not being conducted behind the walls of the brothels available in these nations. Recently, Nevada and Rhode Island, two of the states of the US has accepted this profession as a legal business within the state (Moss 360). Holland has taken an upper hand and has accepted the businesses conducted by brothels as a legal business. Holland accepted prostitution and has levied heavy rules and regulations on this business and this business operates in a moral fashion.
One of the reasons due to which prostitution should be legalized is the reason due to which individuals choose the path of prostitution. Prostitutes conduct their business in a pretty secretive manner as the law enforcement agents do not all people of this profession to conduct business openly on the streets. Due to this, the business does not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., and many other countries. It is either legal or very tolerated in most all of Asia and even Iran has ‘temporary wives’ which can be for only a few hours! New Zealand passed in 2003 one of the most comprehensive decriminalization acts which even made street hookers legal” (Dave, 2009). At one time in the United States, the profession was considered a legitimate, albeit ill-chosen profession. People who chose to be prostitutes were considered of loose morality, but it was not illegal and even those who thought it was evil and morally degrading had to concede that prostitutes provided a useful service. Many prostitutes...
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...?Prostitution Prostitution is the business of selling the body in exchange of gains, predominantly monetary. “Although the sex is traditionally traded for money, it can also be bartered for jewelry, clothing, vehicles, housing, food—anything that has market value” (Damewood, 2011). Prostitutes sell their body to a certain client for a certain amount of time according to the money paid by him/her. Prostitution has survived as a social taboo throughout the history. It has only grown with time. Today, prostitution is one of the legally approved professions in many countries around the world while there are also countries, where...
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...“it is generally true that gender is constructed in patriarchy to serve the interests of male supremacy” (Greene and Kahn 3). In fact, women are doubly oppressed in patriarchal societies. First, by depriving them of their basic rights of education and of respectable work, and forcing them to resort to other twisted ways such as prostitution as a necessary evil to compensate for the lost opportunities. Then, by condemning those oppressed women for being prostitutes. This shows the hypocrisy of a society that condemns prostitution while encouraging the discrimination against women that makes prostitution inevitable. Thus, to reduce prostitution, a certain...
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Prostitution in the United States
...children or other family to support puts them in danger by engaging in risky behaviors herself. Furthermore, the types of drugs the prostitute uses also make her a risk to the people around her; as Romero-Daza et al. describe, alcohol, cocaine, and crack are all associated with violent behaviors. When a person is withdrawing from a drug and is starting to come down, the desire to make those bad feelings go away may inspire even more violence. Arguments for legalizing prostitution in the United States Despite all of the negative repercussions associated with prostitution, there are advocates who believe it should be...
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...Prostitution Must Be Legalized in US Introduction Prostitution is referred to the act of offering oneself on rental basis for sexual purposes. The term prostitution is mostly used to refer to the act of selling a female or the female selling herself for sexual reasons. Prostitution is considered illegal in every state of US, only the state of Nevada has accepted it as a legal job and even in Nevada heavy rules and regulations are applied to legal act of prostitution. Certain states have strict rules and regulations against...
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Why Should Prostitution Be legalized
...involvement in prostitution becomes making sense. Hence, whereas legal and scholarly discourse has represented prostitutes as either dissimilar from or similar to average women, and whereas engaging in prostitution generates conflicting effects, some prostitute women were able to establish significance of their involvement in prostitution since they lived both within and outside the wholeness of the conflicts of being similar and different from other women. Prostitution should be legalized because for the prostitute women themselves prostitution is a gendered...
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Marijuana should be legalized in the united states used a pain reliever, hunger stimulant etc. Even though marijuana has good potential in medical science, it has not achieved the status of a medicine yet in America. FDA has not shown green signal to marijuana yet. It is still included in the list of drugs which are misused for changing moods rather than treating diseases. Roth (2008) has pointed out that “To date, marijuana is still classified as an illegal Schedule 1 drug by the Controlled Substances Act. It is defined as having "no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States" (Roth). This paper argues in favor of legalization of marijuana in United Sates, after analyzing the arguments in favor and...
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...of prostitutes, existing in our society, we are unaware of their lifestyles and their stories behind the masks that they put on at nights. Some choose this profession due to a financial crisis; some choose merely to earn quick cash, some under the burden of debts, while some become victim to malicious Johns of the society. Hardly have we ever pondered upon how and what are the feelings of the sex-workers while performing and after performing their jobs. However, we can surely assume that their emotions must have become numb to the lives they have chosen to live or have been forced to live by the fate. As we all know there are two sides to every coin. So the prostitution has its pros and...
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...could? Yes, one believes that prostitution should be stopped because it ruins the morals and values of society. The presence of prostitution does not in any way uplift the society. It may provide jobs for poor and uneducated women but that should not be the kind of job that a country’s government should offer. Better alternatives must be given by government to these poor women. Furthermore, prostitution gives rise to health problems such as AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases. To endure the “pain” caused by the invasion to their bodies, some prostitutes resort to drugs and alcohol, which becomes another problem of society (Hughes, 1999). ...
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Should Prostitution Be Legalized

In the contemporary society, sex work regulation occurs within a broader cultural shift towards a society that is sexually permissive. However, the liberalization of people’s attitudes towards sexual behaviors that were once considered too deviant behavior is taking place currently. Non-monogamous sex is common in the society that it is becoming an expectation in modern society. Even the people who oppose legalization of prostitution have noted that casual sexual relationships do not carry the sanctions of social morality of the past generation. Despite the liberalization of the society’s attitudes towards commercial sex, prostitution is still highly stigmatized. In a different point of view, sexual commerce qualifi...

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