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Ethics and Criminal Justice - Term Paper Example

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Ethics and Criminal Justice Name University Ethics and Criminal Justice Ethics are the norms and values which define the morals of individual and social life that how should one conduct his/herself in order to be a good human being and a beneficial part of the society…
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Ethics and Criminal Justice
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Download file to see previous pages People who follow ethics are highly acknowledged and privileged by the society. Ethics, values and norms are not defined for the sake of knowledge only rather these are invented to be implemented properly. Simple moral ethics include taking care of sick, obeying of elders, avoiding lies, fair dealings etc. All these are common in every society and every religion of the world. Ethics are included in moral philosophy which involves in making moral judgments about the good or bad and right or wrong. It is obvious that these are absolute truths but also these are desirable by every cultured society (Singer 1995). Ethics and moral standards are of high importance in tackling cases of crimes. There has been every kind of big or small crime occurring round the globe. The world is not a quite safe place indeed. Rates of crimes all over the world particularly in US are increasing day by day. Law enforcement agencies are making their extreme efforts in order to make the world a safe place from these things. But since these are a part of society and the persons who conduct such activities are amongst us, we must have to have a system of rules to guide us in such situations which contain morality. No doubt dealing with humanity requires emotions too; but these only are not enough for making tough moral decisions. Here, ethics are defined in order to make justice and to give a message to other criminals too that they would not be spared from the justice in any case. Ethics in criminal justice sets the standards and limitations of the punishment according to the crime. They are quite helpful in determining the sensitivity of the case and to identify its variation. Once the nature of the crime is identified, then the criminals are charged correspondingly. Researches and analysis on ethics and criminal justice involves all those topics which are tagged under the law and justice. Some typical topics are authority of the state, role of law enforcement forces, providing a safe and equal opportunity work environment which is free of rational and ethnical basis, crimes and prisoners etc. In order to research upon such sensitive and crucial topics, it is important to have a pre-defined set of moral ethics for a proper and fair judgment (Importance of ethics in Criminal Justice 2012). People who study and research upon criminal justice and critical ethics become able to have some analytical skills and logically reasoning abilities by which they can understand the complexities of different cases and tend to solve them with good moral judgments. By studying moral ethics, all such issues which occur within the criminal justice system can be understood well and criminal justice professionals may take lesser time in order to analyze the sensitivity of the case. They became able to draw consequences more quickly and enforce actual punishments as required by the crime. Since these professional are given power and authority to handle cases on their own; and in some cases they may use or permit the use of physical force upon the criminals, it is necessary for them to have an in-depth knowledge of moral ethics so that they can distinguish between the limits and try as much as possible to keep make humanitarian decisions. They must not mis-use their authority and must not use it for personal purposes and benefits (Felkenes 1987). Since the subject of ethics belongs to the philosophy of life, we must understand and elaborate it in these terms. There ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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