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Retribution, Deterrence, Incapacitation and Rehabilitation (, 2012). All forms of punishment can be effective and can be ineffective depending upon the severity and effectiveness of the procedures applied…
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Unit 4 Discussion Social Problems
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Ways to Deal With Criminals There are basically four different ways of punishment i.e. Retribution, Deterrence, Incapacitation and Rehabilitation (, 2012). All forms of punishment can be effective and can be ineffective depending upon the severity and effectiveness of the procedures applied (Banks.qxd, 2004). Obviously, the purpose of punishment is to make the offender and the general public aware of the “cost of crime” (Samaha, 2006) and to prohibit such future actions.
This leads us to the question that which forms of punishment may be the best in obtaining desired results. In my view deterrence, which is the prospect of unpleasant punishment that will put people off with the idea of committing that crime (Corbett, 2005), seems to best fit upon the criteria and objective of punishment. Deterrence helps achieve the objective of punishing the offender of the crime that has been committed and also may help avoid future such action. The condition that lies with it is that it should be effective enough.
In my view, the most ineffective punishment is incapacitation. Incapacitation may be severe in terms of the punishment the offender is entitled to receive plus it may infuriate the offender such so he would increase the severity of crimes after being released, in order to retaliate.
Juveniles get involved in crime due to drug addiction, bad company, peer pressure, bad relations with parents, and lack of supervision (Saminsky, 2010). Juveniles cannot be punished directly as opposed to males, as most of them do not know the severity of the crimes they have committed. They have to be treated and rehabilitated (Samaha, 2006), so they may lead a better future.
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