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Unit 8 social problems Duscussion - Research Paper Example

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It will not be incorrect to state that it is not shocking when one observing the statistics showing heart diseases to be the biggest reason behind deaths in Unites States. It is merely because the environment in which Americans are living continuous to become complicated because…
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Unit 8 social problems Duscussion
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Heart Attacks as a Social Problem of Heart Attacks as a Social Problem It will not be incorrect to state that it is not shocking when one observing the statistics showing heart diseases to be the biggest reason behind deaths in Unites States. It is merely because the environment in which Americans are living continuous to become complicated because of the financial and social challenges. People continue to strive for transferring from the lower classes to upper classes of society which makes them a victim of heart disease because of increased pressures of poor food intake.
It will not be incorrect to note that people in the lower socio-economic classes are more likely to get affected by depression and anxiety ultimately leading into higher chances of heart diseases (Tuckett, 20003). However, many human service providers can help such people by setting up psychological counseling forum at their workplaces on monthly basis. This can also be an open service for all the citizens of America especially people who are working on a lower pay scale (Henslin, 2011).
Also education can play a very vital role in minimizing heart attacks. It is possible if families can share healthy lifestyle and keeping a check on checking cholesterol levels. Internet has provided a great deal of help to the families where the members are provided with significant information regarding relationship of heart diseases and its causes. This will allow the families to co-ordinate and follow a healthy lifestyle. This will also allow them to learn the ways in which they can make their environment less stressful and free from anxiety (Smyth, 2004).
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