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Preventing Child Abuse:The Challenge for the State Department of Social Services - Article Example

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The State Department of Social Services have been playing a pivotal role in offering varied social services to the populaces of Atlantic coast state for several years. The mission as well as the purpose of this Department is to make better decisions following state governing…
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Preventing Child Abuse:The Challenge for the State Department of Social Services
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Extract of sample "Preventing Child Abuse:The Challenge for the State Department of Social Services"

Download file to see previous pages While analyzing these issues, the description of the organizational units possessed by this Department and performance related problems or issues faced by this Department would be discussed in the paper. Moreover, a critical analysis of the performance related problems or issues in the form of recognizing various problem sources along with underlying causes, defining ‘most critical’ problem and presenting the decisions based on action courses would also be taken into concern in this paper. Ultimately, a realistic, specific and a “readings-based” action plan would be proposed to the Department in order to redress the identified most critical issues to improve organizational performances.
In its recent performances, the State Department of Social Services of Atlantic coast, with a yearly budget of $2.6 billion and employing nearly about 6,000 employees, was involved in offering social services, such as prevention of child abuse to the citizens of the state. The various units persistent within this Department include Department of Social Services (DOSS), Department of Human Resources and Department of Welfare Organization. Correspondingly, the Department of Human Resources constitutes an organizational structure (see Appendix 1) involving Governor, Secretary of Human Resources, Agency for Children, Department of Youth Services, Department of Correction, Rehabilitation Commissioner, Commission for the Blind and Department of Welfare. On the other hand, the Department of Welfare Organization (see Appendix 2) comprises Department of Welfare, Commissioner of Welfare, Deputy Commissioner, Social Services and Assistance Payments.
As apparent, controlling daily operations through the complex and multidimensional setting of the State Department is a particular challenge for the governing authorities. It was with the intention to mitigate this particular challenge that the Governor of the State appointed a Secretary of Human Resources entitled to oversee and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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