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Problems of philosophy - Essay Example

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The fearless efforts by philosophy to trend even those grounds which are feared by other disciplines have rendered it susceptible to unresolved issues. As a philosopher, one will realize that its ability to accommodate almost every idea from whatever person makes this even worse…
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Problems of philosophy
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Extract of sample "Problems of philosophy"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it can be deduced that philosophical problems do not exist far from the mere lay sense. These serious philosophical problems are compounded together and assigned either questions or names in line with the reasoning behind every method. This synthesis has afforded, the would be untenable, categories of philosophy to be managed easily and vividly in their respective assigned topics. These topics, among others, are; logic, epistemology, metaphysics, theology, aesthetics and ethics and in this paper I am going to shown how each of the readings of units 8 though unit 12 has dealt with at least each of these problems. Unit 8A is Interview with Spinoza/ David Brahinsky In this interview we get the opportunity to list to an interview between David Brahinsky and Spinoza. Baruch Benedictus Spinoza is counted among the greatest rationalists of the west. The discussion starts by Spinoza being given an opportunity to talk about his religion and he is categorical in stating that he became non-religious when such an idea was rare in the society. Although later in the discussion we see him stating that reasoning can be boosted by the understanding of the divine itself and for that case the divinity of God. His rationalism as a topic of philosophy is expounded by his strong belief in the power of reason, thought and logic. According to Spinoza reason can impact our thinking and lives and these include also our emotions and spirituality. This is where his metaphysics meets with his rationalism and we see even his interviewer being interested in the way Spinoza’s ideas have been incorporated in the constitution of the current United States. What also strikes is his disbelieve in duality and he holds hat there is nothing like body and mind, just like there is no superior mind which watches over us. In this speech the writer tries to expose all what Spinoza held dear in his philosophy although there is a leading voice in the way he conducts the conversation and most of the ideas discussed are in line with the writer’s right wing in philosophy. Unit 8 Dialogues Of Philonous and Hylas Readings: Gill, 257-275 In this dialogue, Berkeley launched a discussion through a dialogue between two men; Hylas and Philonous. The idea of epistemology kicks off the dialogue with both men discussing critically their nature of experiences on how things come to be known. The argument is hinged on metaphysics, specifically seeking to explain the ultimate nature of reality; immaterial and material. As a branch of philosophy, metaphysics seeks to examine the world and the basic tenets of being and in its rudimentary form; it seeks to answer two fundamental questions: what is there and what is it like. Therefore, the way we define object is the import and subject matter of this problematic branch of philosophy. Back to our conversation between Philonous and Hylas, another problematic topic is deployed as a means of justifying metaphysics. This is none other than epistemology which seeks to define knowledge, the way it is acquired and the way we know that we possess such knowledge. Both men in this dialogue, therefore, attempted to justify their metaphysics epistemologically, an approach which could be the easiest for these two intertwined topics. This use of epistemology becomes therefore an approach to trying to solve the problem of answering the questions; what is there and what it is like. It is agreeable that Philonous represents a wise philosopher and teacher because of his clear reasoning and authoritative assertions. Hylas is as if being treated to a lecture which is evident in the way his questions are being responded to by Philonous and the way he is taken through a logical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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