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Discuss Why Risk Management is not a Good Objective for the Criminal Justice Process - Essay Example

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Discuss why Risk Management is not a Good Objective for the Criminal Justice Process Name: Institution: Risk management is a widely discussed issue in the criminal justice system. There is always heightened fear in the general public when the media and the political spheres show interest in a crime…
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Discuss Why Risk Management is not a Good Objective for the Criminal Justice Process
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Extract of sample "Discuss Why Risk Management is not a Good Objective for the Criminal Justice Process"

Download file to see previous pages Risk in the criminal justice system is widely associated with young offenders. There are those who have a lot of risk factors such as truancy, the low achievers and those from a single-parent family. The children who have less parental supervision are also vulnerable to anti-social behavior that may lead to criminal activities. In fact, crime statistics chow that the youth are more susceptible to involvement in criminal activities than adults. This correlation between crime rate and age does not only apply to the offenders, but also to the victims of those criminal activities (Kemshall, 2003). The process of assessing and managing risk has, therefore, become a prime issue for discussion in every criminal justice system. In the assessment of risk in a criminal offence, the character of the individual is evaluated to determine whether there is the possibility for them to commit other acts of violence. Because risk management requires the consideration of both situational and psychological factors, it requires constant modification and review so that public safety is ensured. The management of dangerous offenders in the recent past has brought about a lot of concern the world over. This concern has been mostly reflected in the media and other social forums (Armstrong, 2004). One of the areas that have sparked too much concern from the public is area of sexual offences. This type of crime has led to the outcry in the media where there have been campaigns against sexual offences in the society. In these campaigns, the media seeks to identify the sexual offenders, publish their names and shame them so that they do not repeat the same habit again. The campaigns also encourage the use of vigilante justice as well as the formation of a punitive attitude in the public towards sexual offenders. In the long run, such a campaign would lead to the isolation and stigmatization of sexual offender who would be expected to seek rehabilitative programs and reforms (Kemshall, 2003). A lot of articles in the media today contain news about sexual offences. Sexual crime has been dominating the media headlines probably because of the prevalence rate of the crime. This type of crime has, therefore, provoked public outcry because of the publicity it receives. This publicity generated by the media has, however, caused a number of negative effects on the perspective of sexual offences and offenders. It has affected the public’s opinion on sexual crimes as well as their perception on the necessary measures that should be taken in cases of sexual crime (Kemshall, 2000). The general perception created is that of a looming danger to all women and children. They are continually reported as the target group for sexual monsters. When the media concentrates on only one category of sexual offenders, they create the impression that pedophilia, for example, is increasingly rampant. Media may also influence a punitive attitude in the public in relation to sexual criminals. Increased political and media outcry on this subject provokes the public to assume activities like vigilante policing. The attitude of the public towards sexual offenders as well as heightened hysteria is also provoked. It is these attitudes formed towards sexual offenders that necessitate the management of risk. The public should, therefore, be protected from sexual offenders at all costs (Phoenix, 2010). The concept of risk management in the criminal justice system has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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