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Crimes in the Fletch - Movie Review Example

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Crimes in the movie Fletch Institution Name This movie Fletch starred by Chevy Chase is based on the life of an investigating reporter, Erwin Fletcher from Los Angeles newspaper. He is a devoted investigative reporter who is hanging around the beach as a beach junkie with the aim of unveiling the drug business and its lords…
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Crimes in the Movie Fletch
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Extract of sample "Crimes in the Fletch"

Download file to see previous pages As much as his intentions are praiseworthy, he still runs into trouble. Scene #1 There is a criminal solicitation in this opening scene. According to Section 5.02 of the Model Penal Code, “an individual is only guilty of solicitation to commit a crime if with the interest of promoting what he supports, encourages or request someone else to participate in that involves committing such a criminal act (Schmalleger, 2010).” It is evident that Stanwyck tries to involve Fletch in a criminal solicitation crime, when he asks Fletch to kill him and end his suffering from cancer and save his insurance for his wife. In this same scene, criminal conspiracy as a crime is evident. When Stanwyck mentions his murder as a way of providing his wife with insurance money, it clearly portrays the conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. According to the Model Penal Code section 5.03, “an individual is guilty of conspiracy with someone else to commit a crime if with the intention of endorsing its plan he agrees to work or help such an individual in planning such a crime (Schmalleger, 2010). Scene #4 In this scene, Fletch doubts the condition of Stanwyck and feels that he is tricking him. To seek the truth behind this, he decides to visit the family doctor of Stanwyck for information who turns him down. Failing to get the information, Fletch disguises as a doctor and sneaks in the hospital to acquire the information. At this juncture, he violates the doctor to patient privileges. According to the Mode Penal Code section 241, impersonating a public servant, “an individual commits a crime if deceptively pretends to work in the public service with the intention of inducing someone else to give in the pretended official power”(Schmalleger, 2010). The second crime is the violation of doctor to patient information. A patient should not be full of fear of revelation and access of his information to someone else by the doctor. When Fletch disguised as a doctor and accessed the information, he committed a crime. Based on Find a Law, “Doctor-patient confidentiality is not supposed to be shared unless with the permission of the patient (Breaches of Doctor to Patient Confidentiality, 2012). If this case was to go to court, Fletch would have no defense, since it is clear that he is going against regulations. Scene #7 Fletch is making a phone call at the beach seeking to know the whereabouts of Stanwyck. He then notices a police approaching them fat. The police chase him and another black guy, gummy. After catching them, the policemen start beating Gummy and force him into the car. On seeing this, Fletch tries to stop the police, but his efforts seem futile. As the police drive away, he throws a stone shuttering the rear mirror of the car. He then goes to the newspaper's office asking for money to return to Uttah. When in Uttah, he contacts Stanwyck’s realtor and gets the truth behind the bought property. He sees that Stanwyck paid $3000 instead of $3000000 as Stanwyck had told his wife. He then decides he needs intelligence and breaks into the realtor’s office to get concrete evidence. Fletch jumps over the fence and gets into the office to get the data. He then takes some photos of the data and gets chased by a guard dog. At the point where the police chase down Gummy, there is clear evidence of excessive use of force, which violates section 3.07 of the Model Penal Code, “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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