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The Connections between American Legal Thought and Other Classes - Assignment Example

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The Connections between American Legal Thought and Other Classes As an intellectual discipline, American legal thought has experienced rapid developments over years. The discipline has achieved remarkable progress within a span of nearly two centuries covering pre-modernism into postmodernism through modernism…
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The Connections between American Legal Thought and Other Classes
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Download file to see previous pages The course also studies the historic aspect of these philosophies and theories in relation to American history. This school of thought is different from other schools of thought that have been studied in the past. However, there is a thin line separating American legal thoughts and other school of thoughts taught in American law curriculum such as American legal theory. This essay will therefore investigate the relationship between American legal thought and American legal theory as the main courses taught in American law schools. American legal thought is built on issues that are of interest to the Americans. This includes social issues like legalization of gay marriages and economical issues such as American current position in international business. On the other hand, past schools of thought are established on formalist law sciences, American legal realism and social jurisprudence. The two schools of thoughts are essential to a law student. However, their significance or benefits can only be achieved if there is a close relationship between the two schools of thoughts. Unlike other schools of thought, American legal though deals or focus on legal theories and philosophy from an American perspective. Other schools of thought are established on universal laws or laws that are common worldwide such as criminal justice. American legal theory focuses on majority theories that are used to create American laws. Although this course is important to a law, student it does not provide a practical application o f these theories. American school of thought links the theoretical aspects of law with reality by relating it with modern day occurrences that are of legal concern. American legal thought has significant differences with other courses taught in the law school including the American legal theory. However, both American legal theory and American legal thought revolve on the legal aspects of American history2. American history is the chronological account of occurrences in America since the end of American civil war. In this context American legal thoughts deals with the implication of key events in the American history to the modern day American society. In addition, this school of thought also considers the influence of key historical events in the formation of modern day American law. On the other hand, American legal theory focuses on how American laws have been founded on the historical aspect of the country since the end of American civil war. This includes major issues such as how American history affects modern day court decision-making process. Legal theory also considers how American history serves as a proof to legal theories. The second relationship or connection between American legal thoughts and American legal theory is their incorporation of legal realism. American legal realism is a branch of legal philosophies that that defy the conventional analysis of US jurisprudence. In the orthodox version of the US jurisprudence, law is considered as a self-sufficient structure or rules and principles that courts use to make logical judgments in both political and judicial perspectives. This implies that the two schools of thoughts are against or challenge the ordinary view of American jurisprudence. This indicates that both the American legal theory and American legal thoughts are established on day-to-day views or occurrences on the American judicial system. This includes the social, moral, political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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