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Martin Luther Kings Role in Shaping the American History - Article Example

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The paper “Martin Luther King’s Role in Shaping the American History” focuses on King’s nonviolent measures of demonstrating his protests against the prevailing segregation based on race and color. Martin Luther King is a prominent figure in the history of America…
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Martin Luther Kings Role in Shaping the American History
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Extract of sample "Martin Luther Kings Role in Shaping the American History"

Download file to see previous pages Martin Luther King's influential role received proper recognition when he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was assassinated in 1968 at the age of 39, and the event caused massive repercussions across the country. The paper focuses on King’s nonviolent measures of demonstrating his protests against the prevailing segregation based on race and color.

It was the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt who had suggested that the right to freedom is not the only prerogative of the Jews in Nazi concentration camps but also to all sections of people who are dominated by the Western power. However, such a stage of liberalization was not expected by the American leaders in the near future. During the late 1940s and the early 1950s when America was preparing the stage for the Cold War, many groups who were major activists in social reform movements began to disassociate themselves from movements that advocated antiracism. The major propagandists of civil rights in order to prove their allegiance towards the country severed their ties with the oppressed people. For this reason, during the second half of the previous century, there was little awareness among the general Americans about the impact of liberal movements in Africa on the movements in America. The organizations that existed during this period and participated in such civil rights movements did not gain any kind of momentum by way of public support or political intervention. However, in all the years' such connections between liberal movements had profound yet subtle impacts on how the broader sector of the American society perceived their country’s role in the global arena (Minter et al., 2008, p.12). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Martin Luther Kings Role in Shaping the American History Assignment.
(Martin Luther Kings Role in Shaping the American History Assignment)
Martin Luther Kings Role in Shaping the American History Assignment.
“Martin Luther Kings Role in Shaping the American History Assignment”.
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