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Social studies lesson - Essay Example

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The students should become more aware and value more the freedom they are enjoying today knowing the struggles of prominent black activists in America who fought for freedom and equality for Black Americans.
Game exercise of “Give Me That Quotation” for quotation retention…
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Social studies lesson
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Download file to see previous pages To maintain the pluralistic nature of America’s society, each participant in this society should be appreciative of one’s ethnic and background while being tolerant to others. To promote appreciation of one’s ethnicity and appreciate other people’s origin, a month dedicated to commemorating a certain ethnicity shall be held which in this case is the Black History Month. Participating students in this activity will benefit in terms of knowing their own history in the case of Afro-Americans. Other students of different racial origin will also benefit from the commemoration of the Black History month as the event will also serve as a learning exercise for them about America’s past and the Black American’s struggle. In the process, it is expected that students of other racial origin will become more tolerant and accepting of each others’ racial background given the understanding of other student’s racial struggle.
America is already an egalitarian society where discrimination no longer or barely exists. Racism is already not tolerated and everybody now can freely pursue whatever their aspirations are. But this freedom seems to be taken for granted. It is hoped that after this lesson plan has been delivered, the black community in the class will become more appreciative of what they have right now given the struggles their forebears had to undergo just to give them the opportunities that they now enjoy and make the most out of it.
This lesson plan shall be done in succession where activities are planned in bits for the students to absorb the essence of Black History Month better. While there are lectures and video presentation, discussion and sharing of experiences and point of views are also integrated into the lesson plan to make the learning process more interactive. The games and contests designed for the Black History month are intended to be enjoyable to facilitate easier learning in an atmosphere of fun and socialization.
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