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Strategic Plan Law - Research Paper Example

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Strategic plan Introduction Correctional facilities are institutions that rehabilitate convicted criminals with the aim of protecting the society from harmful actions of the convicts. There exist varieties of correctional activities that range from parole and probation facilities that rehabilitate convicts within a society’s set up to programs that confines the subjects to a restricted area such as prisons and jails…
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Strategic Plan Law Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Georgia Department of corrections The Georgia Department of Corrections is a government organ that manages prisons in the state of Georgia. The institution offers a variety of correctional services that include treatment of convicts while in the facilities, offering control measures to protect convicts and the society from harmful initiatives, and correctional facilities to offenders. Mission statement The organization has a published mission statement that stipulates the institution’s scope. The mission statement provides that “the Georgia Department of Corrections protects and serves the public as a professional organization by effectively managing offenders while helping to provide a safe and secure environment for the citizens” (Georgia Department of Corrections, 2011). The facility therefore works in the interest of the public to ensure that citizens are safe from criminal activities that could be committed by the convicts (Georgia Department of Corrections, 2011). Population served The institution, according to the reported statistics of the year 2011, currently serves about 210000 people. This includes individuals who are in prison facilities as well as those under probation facilities. The institution’s facilities host about 50 thousand individuals. ...
Demography of the inmates by gender indicates male dominance of more than 90 percent. Classification by race however reveals black dominance of more than 60 percent. A similar trend in percentage composition of the offenders is followed in statistics of probates. The 20 to 40 years age bracket, males, and blacks forms majority of classifications by age, gender, and race respectively. There is however a variation in probates composition by race in which the number of whites almost equals that of blacks. The demographics also indicate that probates are relatively minor offenders while criminals with more serious cases beyond property related crimes are restricted to imprisonment (Georgia Department of Corrections, 2011). Programs offered The institution offers varieties of programs to its inmates. Some of the currently running programs include “equine rescue program, computer office technology, construction, auto body repair, cosmetology, barbering, service industry, food processing, graphic arts, cabinetry, welding, masonry, and building maintenance” (Georgia Department of Corrections, 2011). These programs aim at equipping the convicts for engagements that can occupy them and reduce their further involvement in crimes (Georgia Department of Corrections, 2011). Number of personnel The institution is managed and run by 13000 employees. This data combines uniformed officers and other staffs (Georgia Department of Corrections, 2011). Strategic plan Communication efficiency is a necessity in operations and management of an organization. While coordination facilitates official communication among personnel, cooperation in correctional facilities is necessary to facilitate harmony among workers, among inmates and between workers and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Plan Law Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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