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The Provisions for the Enforcement of Human Rights within the United Nations Conventions Indicate that there are Some Rights - Essay Example

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The provisions for the enforcement of human rights within the United Nations conventions indicate that there are some rights which are more important than others Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Introduction For humans to live abundantly as human beings, they require a legal system referred to as human rights…
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The Provisions for the Enforcement of Human Rights within the United Nations Conventions Indicate that there are Some Rights
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Download file to see previous pages 1 This approach ensures that all human beings are treated well and equally. Human rights go hand in hand with fairness and equality. They distinguish individual liberty to make a selection concerning individual life. Human rights are also concerned with freedom and aggravation or favouritism.  The current human international law was developed after the Second World War, and that is when the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights was developed. Several treaties have been developed, and specific human rights have emerged in the Universal Declaration. 2 During the year 1966, the International Agreement on Social, Economic, and Social Ethnic Rights, and International Agreement on Civic and Opinionated Rights was developed forming the International Bill of Human Rights. Other treaties were also developed in the universal level which included; 3 International symposiums on abolition of all types of ethnic discrimination.  Conference on the removal of discrimination of women, Resolution touching torment and other unkind cruel conduct, Conference on the rights of the teenager, Principal on the rights of disabled people, and Global Conference for the defence of all People from imposed Departure.  1 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United General Assembly for Human Rights 3. The structure of this declaration was developed by Cassin, and it was derived from the original draft developed by John Humphrey.  In this structure, article 1 and 2 form the foundation of this structure, and it contains the principal of dignity, equality, brotherhood and liberty of individuals 4. The important part of the constitution consists of a column illustration article 3 to 11 that advocates for individual rights, and defence from slavery. In the next column, article 12 to that illustrate rights of people in affairs of state and civic society. The following column consists of article 18 to 24 that illustrates spiritual and political freedom such as freedom of worship. The last column, illustrate article 22-27 that displays social, cultural and economical rights. The last part of this structure summarizes all parts of the declaration.   These structure talks of peoples’ duties to the community and the ways used to implement the rights as per requirement of United Nations 5. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been adapted by United Nations and has been essential among nations. Though, the declaration has turned out to be part of habitual international laws, this law is the foundation of practice in Intercontinental court of impartiality. This declaration has also had an incredible inspiration in the charter of other countries 6. In addition to this, the declaration has acted as the foundation of two main United Nations human rights agreements.   2  Koch argues that Civil and political right consists of social satisfying elements. These elements are considered non justifiable under the connection on economic, cultural and social rights. This approach has been put together and described in the legal review, though, a significant explanation has not been given to justify the level at which legal factors can be attributed to social factors under the agreement of civil and political rights 7.  The two fundamental ways of operational on human rights are the reactive method and the proactive method. The reactive method looks at conflicts, and looks at how conflicts occurred. The proactive method is mainly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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