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Thirty-Eight Saw Murder - Research Paper Example

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Thirty-Eight Saw Murder Name: Institution: Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Introduction In New York, many crimes are reported every day. These crimes range from petty crime to very serious crimes. The seriousness of some crimes depends on how they are carried out…
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Thirty-Eight Saw Murder
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Download file to see previous pages Sometimes, it is very rare to find a law enforcement agency being associated with positive things (Neild, 2001). The problem with this is the assumption they cannot carry out their jobs effectively. This means that whenever a problem arises they might be the last persons to know about it. Also, trying to deal with people who care less about others is another problem. The murder of a woman in the year 1964 is such a case. It happened in New York. The woman was stalked and stabbed to death. She might have considered them her neighbours, but when she needed them, they could do nothing to help her. This paper will review the crime, and the justice system which the accused should have faced. Description of the Crime Being a manager at a bar, Miss Genovese Katherine, known as Kitty to her neighbours, was heading home at the time of the incident. She had just gotten into the neighbourhood at around half past three in the morning. When she had parked her car and was about to get to her apartment, she noticed a man by the far end of the parking lot. She decided to head to a call box. This is where the number to the 102nd precinct could be found. However, before she could reach the call box, the man had gotten to her, grabbed her and stabbed her (Gansberg, 1964). She screamed for help. At that time, a man opened a window and shouted at the man. The man without any fear looked up, shrugged, and decided to walk away slowly. As the lights went out, the killer went back to Kitty, who was now struggling to get back to her feet. She wanted to get to the other side of the building. However, before she could do this, her assailant got to her, and stabbed her again. As she shrieked the second time, many more lights came on. When the assailant saw this, he got in his vehicle and drove away. At the same time as Kitty was trying to back on her feet, a city bus passed by (Gansberg, 1964). By that time, it was thirty five minutes past three o’clock. Nobody, however, bothered to come and check on Kitty after the second attempt on her life. This is where the attacker came again. By that time, she had managed to crawl to the back of a freshly painted building. She had hoped that it would offer some protection. This was not to be. The attacker tried the first door, but she was not there. He found her strewn on the floor at the second one, and stabbed her again. This time, it was fatal. The police arrived at the scene in two minutes after receiving a call from a man who claimed to be Kitty’s neighbour (Gansberg, 1964). That was about ten minutes to four o’clock. Immediately an ambulance took off with her corpse the neighbours came out of their houses. As they were re-constructing the crime scene, they asked them why nobody called the police. One man said that he heard everything but was too tired to do anything. He said that he went back to bed. Another woman anxiously said that she did not want her husband to get involved. What was shocking about it was that the person who had called the police did it after seeking advice form a friend in another area. Then afterwards, he had to cross the roof to another apartment to have an elderly woman to make the call. Upon further inquiry, he sheepishly said that he did not want to get involved (Gansberg, 1964). The department said that at least thirty eight people witnessed this crime. However, not one could prevent the death of Miss Genovese. Process in the Criminal Justice System Upon arrest, which was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Thirty-Eight Saw Murder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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