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Human Resources Legal Issue/Problem - Research Paper Example

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Human Resources Legal Issue/Problem Customer inserts his/her name Customer Inserts The human resources legal issue that shall be explored is discrimination at workplace. The notion of discrimination is best described as favorable treatment towards individuals not on the basis of merit but on the basis of bias or other immoral attitude (Mill, 1963)…
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Human Resources Legal Issue/Problem
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Download file to see previous pages According to the lawsuit, it is alleged that the company intentionally discriminated against Bretta Karp and other female employees by displaying unfavorable treatment towards them compared to their male counterparts in terms of promotion practices, pay increases and an uncongenial workplace environment (Chase & Reidy, 2011). The suit was filed by a law firm Sanford Wittels & Heisler LLP in the U.S District Court and is struggling to acquire class-section representation (Chase & Reidy, 2011). The company, however, denied all charges by claiming that it is committed to diversity management and does not allow any such behavior that leads to discrimination of any sort (Chase & Reidy, 2011). On the other hand, the victim Karp claims to have her pay and title reduced without any reason despite having received favorable feedback about her performance from the company and receiving recognition for the same (Chase & Reidy, 2011). Furthermore, two markets that she handled, New Hampshire and Vermont were taken away from her and transferred to her male counterparts (Chase & Reidy, 2011). ...
the victim that the company’s managers are predominantly males who subject their female subordinates to tighter rules and regulations than their male counterparts and consequently, the female workers end up getting lower performance appraisals compared to their male counterparts for work of similar nature (Chase & Reidy, 2011). Furthermore, she claimed that male workers were given more favorable assignments and preferential treatment in terms of allotment of the company’s resources (Chase & Reidy, 2011). As far as the charges of unfavorable work environment were concerned, there have been cases of sexual harassment in the company with incidents where the male managers have made their discriminatory behavior towards female workers quite evident (Chase & Reidy, 2011). The lawsuit not only seeks rewarding of damages to the company but also a potential change in the company’s structure such that the glass-ceiling is removed and females are promoted to higher paying jobs (Chase & Reidy, 2011). The victim’s lawyer claimed that this case not just concerned Karp but several women could be a victim of discrimination. The lawyer further states that Karp’s case represents the society’s dilemma not just the workplace’s where women continue to receive 78 cents on a dollar for the same nature of work as done by their male counterparts (Chase & Reidy, 2011). The above case is just one of the many concerning discrimination. Discrimination adds to the woes of the minority group by lowering their morale and threatening their self-esteem which is a basic need according to Maslow’s need hierarchy (Gillam, 1995). By feeling threatened, productivity of the minority group is sure to go down to the extent that organizations and entities lose valuable human potential (Crosby, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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