The major problem or issue currently facing natural resource managers in agriculture - Assignment Example

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Introduction There are many problems currently facing natural resource managers. These include maintenance of life support systems people depend on. Natural resources are often unsustainably which has resulted into large scale environmental problems that intimidate the extended existence of natural and ecological systems…
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The major problem or issue currently facing natural resource managers in agriculture
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Download file to see previous pages The resource based activities in which the rural poor are engaged in include petite extent farming, animal production, fishing, hunting, mining and logging. They therefore rely on returns from these activities as their most important sources of earnings. They therefore plummet back to innate wherewithal when these sources fail. For them the natural resources foster consistency and reinforce the net security of the entire community. Bell and Park (2006) explain that the above does not however mean that the rich live their lives independent of natural resources. They derive more ecological proceeds from natural resources because they are proficient to exercise stronger control over the resources due to their greater administrative influence they have as compared to the underprivileged. One of the major problems facing environmental managers is scheming and preventing environmental degradation. Its impact spread to all aspects of the economy and not just the surroundings. Environmental slump leads to loss of species that impact negatively on the environment and abridged agricultural productivity that lead to poor economic growth. Bates (2003) explained that those who rely on the environment should do so with resilience and little or no vulnerability. Therefore, the problem faced by natural resource managers is how to ensure that the resources are used with pliability or less susceptibility while at the same instance deriving benefits. The strain in the natural resources is caused by uninhibited increase in population growth, this increases dependency on grain imports, loss of biodiversity and neglect of conventional farming techniques. This is caused by the migration of people to the urban areas to look for employment (Bellamy, Meppem, Gorddard and Dawson 2005). The establishment, testing and continuation of adaptive capability of natural and societal systems is becoming of huge concern to the managers in agricultural sector because of unfavorable climate change, poor water use and management in Australia. The actions of human beings are of great concern because they impact on natural resources with greater implications on social and economic development, sustainable livelihoods and environmental management. Land use and greater pressure on social systems are caused by increase in bucolic non farm money-making activities and increased urban population. Emergence of the problem of environmental conservation is of great complexity due to the multiple causes, problem perspectives and solution approaches. The solution approaches are also faced with poor institutional settings. Part of the solution approaches to curb the problem of conservation therefore requires a shift from federalism to proper ascendancy. This leads to interrelations of processes, structures and tasks. Australia represents countries with accelerating levels of environmental degradation and the complexity of natural resource ascendancy. There are however frameworks within the Australian Federal System to address the accelerating periodic challenges of sustainable natural resource and social systems. Sustainable formation, testing and maintenance of opportunities therefore refer to the goal of nurturing capabilities and creating viable opportunities. New-fangled cohort of authority in Australia is experimented to deal with issues relating to vitality of varying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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