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Solving the colorado river basin's math problem: adapting to change - Research Paper Example

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Communities that live close to water basins consider themselves extremely lucky because they do not struggle to meet their water demands. Colorado River is not an exception. The river is a…
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Solving the colorado river basins math problem: adapting to change
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Download file to see previous pages The river is 2,334 kilometers long with a river basin area of 637 square kilometers (Briney 1). Seven states of America that include Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming (on the upper division), Arizona, California and Nevada (on the lower division), and two states of the Republic of Mexico derive their source of livelihood from this river. Since it is located in a region with dry climate, the river offers a significant source of water for farming, urban use and production of hydroelectric power (McClerg 1). However, balancing water supply and demand for the dependants of Colorado River proves to be a difficult mathematical equation. Thus, Colorado River Compact, a law that regulates the management of Colorado River amongst the upper and lower basin states, was enacted in 1922 (Gelt 1).
Challenges that stem from water inequality amongst communities living along water basins require the indulgence of environmental systems engineering (ESE). ESE is essential in addressing problems related to environmental systems (Ateai et al. 874). The water system challenge facing communities along Colorado River is an example of such environmental problems. ESE is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how complex models represent mathematical, data driven, and biotic structures combined with physical, biological and ecological processes in waterways. Although its history is short, ESE has been employed in various environmental systems concerned with devising, implementing and managing solutions to protect and restore the environment, all within the framework of sustainable development (Ateai et al. 874). Thus, ESE links systems engineering and environmental engineering in devising and implementing solutions that manage the interrelated elements of the environment, industry and society (Ateai et al. 875).
The National Research council of the US agues that the history of Colorado River Water Policy has been determined by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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