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How Do Corrections Support the System Efficiency - Essay Example

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Role of Corrections in the Criminal Justice System Instructor Institution Date Role of Corrections in the Criminal Justice System Deterrence, isolation and rehabilitation are taken as basis for correction in criminal justice system. Criminal justice system involves investigating, prosecuting and punishing perpetrators and executors of criminal acts…
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How Do Corrections Support the System Efficiency
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Download file to see previous pages Corrections in criminal justice involve punishing the guilty with a view of reforming them from their criminal ways. The political and social groups keep on debating the core issues of behavior change and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system. In order to measure the effectiveness of correctional facilities in criminal justice system, this paper will focus on five aspects of correctional performances. The first aspect is security. The role of a correctional facility is to provide security for the community as well as for the offenders. The role of a prison is to keep the offenders away from other members of the community. The criminal justice system believes that by keeping the offenders away from the community, the community will be free from danger. An efficient correctional facility is one that is free from prison breaks. Correctional facilities the world over have been effective in reducing prison breaks. An efficient correctional facility provides security for the inmates both internally and externally. If a correctional facility is prone to prison breaks, then that facility is not secure hence inefficient. Internal security is important in reforming the offenders. Many prisons in the world have been related to drug sale, internal penetrations and exchange of contrabands thus undermining the effectiveness of prisons as correctional facilities. However, prison reformists are coming up with ways of combating such behavior. These include education of inmates on the adverse effects of drugs and other contraband material within the prisons. In the United States, most prisons are filled with prison gangs and contrabands that control movement of food and silverware within the prison’s dining halls. These loopholes are however diminishing due to strict rules by the administration. Correctional facilities are important in ensuring the safety and security of criminal convicts. This is because most correctional facilities are designed to keep the prisoners safe. The prison has been effective in keeping the prisoners safe from harm, public lynching or persecution by rival criminal groups. Research has shown that prisoners and prison staffs assaulted are reducing due to the continuous reforms within the correctional facilities. In some cases an inmates who gets assaulted while in prison is most likely to take revenge when he gets out. The correctional facilities aim at reducing incidences of assault in the prisons in order to effect behavior change. Additionally, tough measures are being taken against individuals caught trying to assault an inmate or staff regardless of the reason for the differences. Correctional systems are essential in keeping law and order with the communities. The correctional system is meant to keep the prisoners in order. The correctional centers are efficient in keeping the prisoners in line. The prisoners are educated on the importance of upholding law and benefits of upholding law. The ability of the prison management and administration to enforce rules and regulations effectively help to keep the prisoners in line. Funds to help the administration run the prisons are being put in place to enhance the performance of the correctional facilities. The ability of a prison to prevent and avoid misconduct and disturbances will help keep order in the prisons. Fostering self care among offenders is another important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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