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The Courts: Gun Rights and The Death Penalty - Essay Example

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Community Policing Name: Institution: Date: Introduction In recent years, Community policing has gain momentum and community leader have worked day and night to find a way of promoting public safety as well as improve the quality of life in their environs…
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The Courts: Gun Rights and The Death Penalty
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Extract of sample "The Courts: Gun Rights and The Death Penalty"

Download file to see previous pages 2000). The implications of community policing are far reaching. These implications rage from the need to involve the community members in the process of solving problems, the expanded outlook on prevention and control of crime and the pivotal role that community policing offers to the patrol officers. The strategies of community policing vary depending on the responses and needs of the involved communities, nevertheless, there are certain essential considerations and principles that are common when it comes to the community policing. Even though a great responsibility rest on the police department to prepare and respond to criminal and terrorists, the role of the community cannot be underestimated. The movement of community policing offers an avenue that police agencies may utilize to effectively deal with terrorist attack threats as well as the fear that is associated with that threat. The philosophy of community policing may be divided into three associated elements. These elements include: problem solving, external partnerships, and organizational change. Discussion After the September 11 attack, the efforts of terrorism prevention and response have been greatly increased by the United States government. Nevertheless, the local community bears a big and in fact crucial responsibility in dealing and with such threats as well as alleviating the quality of life in their neighborhoods. It is worth noting that the majority of the US local police department have tirelessly work to mitigate the citizens fear of possible attacks and also to prevent attack plans. In an effort to get the most out of the potential resources, the law enforcement officials ought to redesign public security practices and procedure. In preparing for eventualities of possible terrorist activities, the movement of community policing is very crucial for the police. Through community policing the nature and number of functions of the traditional police are diversified. According to Dietz (2001), a number of law enforcement entities in America have adopted varying degrees of community policing. Through community policing, the focus of police is shifted to by placing equal emphasis on maintenance of order and crime control. This model invites the department of police to collaborate with the community and other government agencies for purposes of alleviating the overall quality of life in the community neighborhoods. As such, the community policing model shifts from crime control that is dominated by the police, through calling for service in reactive responses. Under organizational change, community policing should ideally be adopted across all the departments of an organization. This can be reflected through the organization’s goals, mission, performance evaluations, training, hiring process, promotion practice as well as participation of departments at all levels. Flattened organizational structure is one of the fundamental phases that are relevant to community policing aspect of organizational change. Fixing geographical responsibility is equally and important element in organizational change relevant to community policing. Under these elements, the officers are assigned to particular areas after a consulted consideration of the cultural and social realities of a community to foster effective communication of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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