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Professional Ethical Standards - Essay Example

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Professional Ethical Standards The job position which I found interesting in the criminal justice field is that of the Correctional Officer. Correctional Officers work in a very challenging area of criminal justice, with unique problems, situations, stressors and work environments…
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Professional Ethical Standards
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Download file to see previous pages The application process itself can be very lengthy and take several months to go through, with more than one interview, background checks, a driver’s license history, drug test and any other documents the Department of Corrections requires. The duties of the correctional officer: Provide security for public safety Provide security for staff and offenders To conduct counts and ensure all inmates are accounted for To pass out the mail to the offenders To collect the mail from the offenders To ensure that all inmates report to their job assignments To ensure that the dormitory is cleaned daily To ensure that the inmates are given the opportunity to eat meals To monitor the offender during yard time To search staff and visitors as they enter the prison, ensuring no contraband is brought in To search offenders in search of contraband To complete paperwork daily To inventory equipment daily Pass out medication Attend training classes Be flexible Be without actions, conducts, and behaviors’ unbecoming or professional for an employee of the Department of corrections The shifts for all correctional officers’ start out the same, whether you are on first, second, or third shift. All officers entering a state prison or a county jail will be required to have their lunch bags searched and must clear a metal detector. Once clearing the security each officer will report to their assigned post. Count will be conducted to ensure that all offenders are accounted for upon arrival of the new shift. The officer will conduct an inventory of all equipment and medication on hand. The officer will then begin the daily log and tool check inventory. Work call will be announced and most of the offenders will exit the dorm to report to their own work area. The officer will now monitor the housemen to ensure that the dorm is cleaned and supplies have been issued. Housemen are usually inmates who have served a good amount of their time with good behavior, no incidents reports or write ups, and have been model inmates. Housemen gain the title of ‘housemen’ and are then allowed to stay in the dormitory and to keep the dormitory clean. The officer will check the security of all doors and windows and make thirty minutes radio checks to the control room, to ensure officer safety. The officer will enforce the rules and monitor the offender’s behavior. An officer must be alert and be willing to go into harm’s way to help other staff members and the offenders as well. Public safety is the number one task an officer must always be aware of. There are many visitors that go inside the prison and jails and officers must ensure their safety above all else. The officer must also be able to maintain their own stress levels and pay attention to the surroundings at all times. Medical emergencies do happen inside of prisons and jails. All officers are trained to perform CPR and expected to do CPR if the situation calls for it. Officers are required to hold their certification in weapons and have 40 hours of training a year to refresh their basic training. The ratio inside of a prison is usually about three to one; this is also the case in the jails. Inmates greatly outnumber officers so it is especially important that you be able to communicate effectively and treat inmates appropriately, while also being fair. Medical passes and issues may come up during your shift and you should know how to honor them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Professional Ethical Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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