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Legal Thought Module - Essay Example

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The essay "Legal Thought Module" describes some argue that changes are subject to appropriate changes in global institutions. Wendy Brown argues that sovereignty is gradually transferred from statehood to global capital. Furthermore, they don't even stop crimes but instead, disperse their effects…
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Legal Thought Module
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Download file to see previous pages The problem however is that despite such inefficiencies, the construction of walls is still being witnessed and is increasingly becoming popular. These walls sit on the national boundaries but the things they are meant to cater for are decentralized, transnational and dispersed2. This explains why they have proved to be very inefficient when it comes to achieving their objectives. The ideology of globalization which is dominant in the world today advocates for a world without boundaries in order to give room for humanitarian interventionism, free markets, universal democracy and global governance. The continued construction of walls is however headed in the opposition direction but still hasn’t managed to deter the prosperity of globalization. This construction is only a simple of anachronism because the walls are unfashionable given the urge for cooperation and interdependence among states. In the current state of affairs where globalization reigns through disregarding the state boundaries, one wonders what is happening to sovereignty of nation states. State sovereignty is still existent as globalization hasn’t done away with it. In fact globalization cannot exist without the support of the states because it is reliant on states when it comes to matters like security and law enforcement. Bonnie Honig has also addressed this issue as she wonders whether democracy would still be existent in a world without countries, nations or citizenship3. This is a problem that is associated with globalization because solutions on how to deal with the problem of foreignness must be found for the ideology of globalization to be fruitful and...
Globalization entails the increment in volume and velocity flow both within and across the borders. Ideas, people, goods, greenhouse gases, viruses, drugs, weapons, emails, dollars and good deals often traverse borders moving either way. They often challenge the fundamental principles of sovereignty like the ability to control what crosses the border in either direction. This explains why some nation states have taken to building walls and formulating strict immigration laws in order to check on these movements. Sovereign states often measure the intensity of their vulnerability through the forces that are beyond their control and there are many at that. With globalization, sovereignty is weakening and will continue to do so in order to have a safe haven that sovereignty can no longer guarantee in the current globalized world. It is no longer possible to build walls to keep away ideologies and people because this has already proven to be ineffective. Even keeping away foreigners and denying them some democratic rights will not yield the desired results. The way forward, therefore, is to adopt the new world order and come up with new ways of dealing with the current challenges. There is need to redefine the concept of sovereignty because nation states can no longer do things just for the sake of it even if they are harmful to the well being of the rest of us. For instance, when America realized that the Afghan Taliban government was supporting the Al-Qaeda, it reacted by removing it from power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legal Thought Module Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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