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Illegal Gangs in the USA - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Subject: Date: Section II: Organization We have all witnessed the proliferation of gangs in our societies. It is so bad in some cultures that people suffer in silence not wanting to be victimized by these gangs. Therefore, this interest group, named “The Anti-Gang Group” is aimed at lobbying the government to be more stringent in their control of gangs in order to protect the citizens from the wrath of the gangs who are also involved in the control of drug cartels…
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Illegal Gangs in the USA
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Download file to see previous pages There should be a shift from the community from protecting their members who belong to gangs to all people volunteering information that may be valuable in the eradication of such gangs. The major role of the group as stated above will be to push for legislation that reduces the proliferation of gangs that disrupt the peace that is enjoyed by ordinary Americans. The group will be composed of like-minded citizens who have witnessed the dangerous effect that gangs have on drugs, youth and the society at large. The interested members will be required to register with the group that is aiming to launch a webpage that will better serve their interest and will make it easier for members to communicate. This group will petition the congress to push for the legislation that it publishes. Additionally, other forms of influence will be used including public peaceful demonstrations and aggressive letter writing. Section III: Legislation Bill Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that: Section 1: This bill will control the proliferation of gangs in the country and will be helpful in protecting the citizens from oppression by gangs. Those individuals belonging to illegal gangs will be affected by this bill. Section 2: The regulations stipulated in this bill will affect all citizens of the United States. Section 3: The federal government will be charged with funding all activities arising from this bill and the all arms of the police will be charged with enforcing the regulations stipulated herein. Further regulations will be included and enforced by the respective state police offices. Section 4: Any person found to be in contravention of the stated regulations will be liable to not less than 15 years in prison with fines imposed accordingly. Section 5: The laws stipulated herein will take effect immediately they are passed. The initial step in pushing this bill will be to seek out a representative who is sympathetic to our cause and is willing to support it. Then this draft bill is taken to that appointed representative so that he/she can table it in the house (Edwards, Martin & Robert 41). The representative, together with leaders of this group may jointly make appropriate amendments to this bill so that it articulates what we are championing in a format that is clear and without any contradictions or omissions to the particular cause’s parameters. From here, the bill will be discussed in the house and then in the senate and will eventually get to the president who will accent it into an act by appending his signature (Wilson, John & Meena 320). Section IV: CAUSE  It is no secret that prison gangs, street gangs and outlaw motorcycle gangs are the major traffickers of drugs. They are not only involved in the distribution of these drugs but are also involved in the importation of drugs from other countries. It is widely known that these gangs import powdered cocaine and convert it into crack cocaine in addition to distributing all the PCP available within the US. Other drugs that they peddle in include heroine, methamphetamine, MDMA and marijuana. These gangs vary in organization, size, location and structure. In addition to the distribution ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Illegal Gangs in the USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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