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Short questions and answers: Queer Theory, concept of queemess - Essay Example

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Questions and answers 1. What is queer theory? Queer theory refers to the radical reorientation of the earlier gay and lesbian scholarships. This theory tries to expound on the subversion of dominant discourses and the potentials for transgression…
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Short questions and answers: Queer Theory, concept of queemess
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Download file to see previous pages 2. How does Stychin understand the concept of ‘queerness’? According to stychin, queerness is a form of resistance towards the boundaries of identity and binaries. This is due to its imposition on the lesbian and gay communities. He argues that queerness to some extent is a form of reaction to the perceived exclusions that accrue owing to the classification of sexual identities into various categories. Stychin points out that, queerness is a product regarding to the movements of sexual orientation with respect to politics and liberal assimilation. He perceives queerness a response to the politics of liberal assimilation. Stychin also describes queerness as a form of resistance to the lesbian and gay politics in that core basis of sexual identity depends on the individual subjectivity. According to stychin, queer finds its anchor on the cultural experience of devastation. He states that, queer poses great challenge to the sexual identities that were developed beyond the unitary aspects of sexual identities. It is apparent according to stychin, that queerness encompasses the contingency of all boundaries especially with respect to social practice and identity. Stychin asserts that queerness represent subversion of categorical thinking owing to its capability of networking constantly to achieve political objectives. He argues that, in the realm of sexuality, queerness seeks to challenge the opposition regarding its theory and practice. In essence, Stychin points out that queerness enhance the approaches of post-culturalism and deconstruction. Therefore, queerness may be employed to fast track the relationship between political activism and the sexual practices. Pertaining the concept of queer theory, Stychin describes heterosexuality as securing the self identity through the protection of ontological boundaries. It is evident that, the queer theory poses a big challenge to the foundational categories of gays and lesbians. Stychin underscores the assertion that, the discursive constitution depends on the constant enactment of the endangered identities. He asserts that the queer theory outlines the normative performance with respect to gender. Basing on gender theory, it is clear that there is no original gender since the homosexuals and the lesbians tend to deviate. His views from a sociological perspective exude radical rejection of identity categories. He criticizes the queer theory stating that, it lacks credibility to account for the obvious social structure foundations, especial with respect to gender and sexuality. According to stychin, it is imperative that the material feminists have a capacity of criticizing the dangers associated with the queer theory. 3. What is ‘queer legal theory’? Queer legal theory is a theory, which envisions the formation of the queer community and consciousness. It is imperative that, the queer legal theory is enhanced by sensibility owing to the community’s attainment of sexual minority hood such as gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. The initiation of the queer legal theory aims at resolving the opposition to the encroaching subordination. The legal queer theory governs the progression of the sexual minorities to queer consciousness and sexual minority hood. The queer legal theory tries to guard the queer social practices in the field of law. This includes issues regarding the assertion of sexual identities and transgression. This law strives to guard against permeability of sexual boundaries ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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