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Legal advice to Publix supermarkets Inc Name Institution Description of Publix Supermarkets Inc. and their strategic plan for the next five years Publix Supermarkets Inc., best known for its grocery stores, is a supermarkets chain in the USA located in Lakeland, Florida…
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Legal Advice
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Download file to see previous pages Publix Super Markets Inc. is currently the largest supermarket chain in the U.S owned by employees. The supermarkets chain processes its own dairy, deli and bakery products and distributes them for all its stores. Company sales recorded in the year 2010 were over $ 25.1 billion. The company has been in fortune’s top 100 best companies to work for in the last fourteen years consecutively ( Kubiak, 2010). The company’s product lines include grocery, health and beauty care, pharmacy, general merchandise, floral and services. The products are sold through the retail chains or online. Services offered include: gift cards, photo processing services, prescription refills and financial services. Over the last few years, the company has responded to the cultural trends in the grocery markets by coming up with organic foods; natural foods, prepared meals and ethnic foods. It is for this reason that Publix has been successful in the grocery industry and managed to open new stores in several states across USA. In order to cater for the demand of its markets, Publix has created a new concept for its different clientele. This includes Greenwise and Publix Sabor. Green wise stocks organic produce and natural foods while Publix Sabor caters for the Latin American population in south and central Florida. The company has recently ventured into restaurants business through its subsidiary (the crispers) which sells fresh salad and sandwich meal concept restaurant (Korolo, 2011). Among the Major initiatives planned by Publix supermarkets chain in the coming years is the improvement of the Fishery Improvements Projects, a project carried out in conjunction with Darden restaurants and Public Fisheries Partnership. The project would be carried around the Gulf of Mexico. The initiative involves addressing challenges facing the environment and Publix is committed to combating illegal fishing, enhancing productivity and reducing negative impacts of the environment. The plan aims at building partnerships with the government, conservation and communities to develop and implement the fishery improvement. In return this would rescue the declining numbers and lead to increased fish supply. This is a seafood sustainability effort. The organization chose to partner with organizations that share the same vision to improve fisheries and move seafood sustainability to the next level. This initiative came at a time when the food agricultural organization raised an alarm that the world’s fish stocks were getting depleted due to over exploitation (Korolo, 2011). Publix Supermarkets Inc. aims to increase its markets share by venturing into new areas within the next five years. Among the places that Publix plans to set up shop is the Longboat Key. The company plans to redevelop the withered avenue of the flowers shopping center, at longboat Key. The company also plans to establish a retail center at Knoxville, Tenn. Expansion to these new locations is aimed at providing customers with unique shopping experiences that lead to consumer satisfaction. The center in Knoxville could be open as early as the third quarter of 2012. Among the products on offer will be organic products in addition to the traditional store products and will feature products from the bakery department, deli department, meat department and public pharmacy ( Kubiak, 2010). Elements of administrative law relevant to the upcoming initiative and their impact In long boat key, the new retail chain has to be approved by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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