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Managing in a Global Context: Impact of Globalisation - Essay Example

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This report demonstrates the understanding of the growth and development of globalization and explains the impact of globalization on the food and retail industry. The report provides a brief overview of the top ten global companies in the food and retail sector, which have played an important role in this industry. …
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Managing in a Global Context: Impact of Globalisation
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Extract of sample "Managing in a Global Context: Impact of Globalisation"

Download file to see previous pages Top 10 companies in the food and retail sector The leading 10 companies who have global influence in the food and retail industry are as follows (this report is according to Data monitor’s global top 10 food retail companies report as on April 30, 2011): 1. Wal-Mart stores Inc. 2. Carrefour S.A 3. Metro AG 4. Tesco Plc 5. The Kroger Co. 6. Auchan Groupe SA 7. Seven & I Holdings Co. Ltd. 8. Safeway Inc. 9. Supervalu Inc. 10. Aeon Co. Ltd. All these 10 food and retail industries have a global influence and they are spread across the world. Their turnover is an indication of the widespread and global business, which they conduct. “Wal-Mart serves customers and members more than 200 million times per week at more than 9826 retail units under 60 different banners in 28 countries” (Walmart n.d.). Wal-Mart and Tesco plc are the two biggest retailers among the companies who have a global market. The next in position is Carrefour SA. Wal-Mart has generated an amount of $ 405 billions of sales in the year 2010. This high volume sale amount is associated with the factor of globalization. Tesco, headquartered in UK, has its stores across 14 countries worldwide and generated a sale amount of 495 million pounds this year. Carrefour SA is headquartered in France and is a large chain of hypermarkets, which is spread across Europe, Argentina, Brazil, China and the Asian and the North African countries. The net sale generated in the year 2010 of the firm is $ 90099 million euros. While Metro Ag has its base in Germany, yet it is the fourth largest retailer in the food industry and has stores in Germany, Europe, parts of Asia and Africa. The Metro Group recorded high sales of 53,965 million euros in the year 2010. The group is planning to...
The intention of this study is globalization as an integral part of economic and market liberalization. The food and retail industry is very large and is a critical part of any society because the food and retail industry is the key provider of nutrition in a country. Globalization in the food and retail industry does not simply signify the reach of a food product globally, but it is also associated with the globalization of food habits. It is only because of globalization that McDonalds and Hamburgers have so many openings across various countries. Cultural globalization in the food and retail industry is argued to be one of the causes of obesity. Technology plays an important role in globalization. The world has also seen a global distribution of the genetically modifies crop technology, which is said to have contaminated nature. So the advent of globalization in the food and retail industry has been more than countable. Food and retail is the pioneer in the consumer industry therefore this industry has been chosen for the purpose of this study. Globalization is very important in this sector as the tastes of one country travel to the other. Therefore it is important to conduct a study on the topic as this study will ensure the availability of the food products globally. The globalization is a much widely used term in the current scenario. The concept of globalization has emerged in the early 90’s as a result of the market liberalization and invasions in the technology. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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