Wherether Improvements in Physical Infrastructure of Lagal Infrastucture Are the Best Way to Facilitate Multomodal Transport - Essay Example

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Intermodal transport; defined as the movement of merchandise in a single loading entity, or truck using successive means of transport without transferring the cargo, or coming into contacts with them while changing the mode…
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Wherether Improvements in Physical Infrastructure of Lagal Infrastucture Are the Best Way to Facilitate Multomodal Transport
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TOPIC: LAW SUBTOPIC: INTERMODAL TRASPORT TASK: WHERTHER IMPROVEMENTS IN PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE OR LEGAL INFRASTRUCTURE ARE THE BEST WAY TO FACILITATE MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT Customer’s Name Customer’s Grade Course Tutor’s Name 27th October 2011 INTERMODAL TRANSPORT WHETHER IMPROVEMENTS IN PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE OR LEGAL INFRASTRUCTURE ARE THE BEST WAY TO FACILITATE MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT Intermodal transport; defined as the movement of merchandise in a single loading entity, or truck using successive means of transport without transferring the cargo, or coming into contacts with them while changing the mode.1 Multimodal transport; essentially defined as a global means of moving goods via various modes of transport like, rail, truck, air, sea etc: Through the use of containers which ensure that the load remains intact as one unit throughout the process of transportation to its destination efficiently with minimal risks.2 Physical infrastructure in multimodal transportation involves various sectors like ports, road, railways, airport, communications, energy, water, health, education and housing.3 Thus, its availability and quality ensures growth and development foundation. For multimodal transportation to be actualized and tremendous improvements to be realized, appropriate infrastructure needs to be in place. Freight and passenger movement from one port to another requires efficient and effective mode of transportation to ensure safe and sound delivery of the commodities as well as, the passengers. Goods require a unitary container; a process called containerization and thus the commodities on transit will only require exchange of mode of transportation. On the other hand, passengers cannot be held in a container but, measures have to be made to ensure that the change of mode of transport is efficient and effective without substantial inconveniencies. Transportation is made efficient at places terminally specifically designed for such a purpose. Passengers seek transportation from one organization and the connecting channels made possible by the organization. Development of containerized traffic has effectively transformed the face of international transportation of goods considerably.4 The door-to-door delivery basis involving more than one mode of transportation has been made efficient. Physical infrastructure cannot be fully efficient without the incorporation of information system technology; communication in the process of freight or passenger movement is extremely vital. Geographical information systems used in the analyzing of intermodal freight networks is critical in this context. A complete GIS network developed and used to evaluate impacts of price, time, location, and policy on vessel routing.5 A network capable of using and analyzing containerized freight movement developed enables integration of Sea, rail, inland waterway, and road means of transport and transfer facilities into a single, cohesive unit. This ensures that though intermodal freight industry uses various modes, complex routing rules, and limited transfer points is a challenging application for network creation but exceedingly essential.6 Legal infrastructure in multimodal transport involves rules and regulations that have to be followed in the entire process of commodity and passenger movement. Multimodal transportation involves movement of cargos from one country to another and this calls for various regulations. Each mode of transport has it own regulation, which may collide, in the process of transportation leading to inefficiency of transport. Example include when the Motor Acts, rail acts and Shipping Acts affect truck, rail, and water modes respectively.7 Thus, integration of the different acts of transport is particularly vital in the sense that it will ease the movement. Another aspect of improving legal infrastructure is the implementation of free trade agreements between various states; this enhances international trade and at the same makes the transportation much faster, as legal procedures are made easier. Technical requirements placed while goods and passengers are crossing borders may cause delay due custom evaluation and verification. Therefore, with improved means of regulation, multimodal transportation becomes enhanced and made effective. Trade agreement ensures effective trade and thus, whenever implemented; they make the movement of goods more effective and efficient. The propagation of set of laws hampers global transportation of goods and leads to uncertainty and multiplicity of forms of procedures; therefore, harmonization and liberalization of the rules will enhance multimodal transportation.8 Both physical and legal infrastructure is highly essential in the effectiveness of the multimodal transport; therefore, their improvement is of high essence. With globalization, technology development and production patterns; transport is an integral part of the production and distribution.9 Therefore, measures to improve on the same ensure higher facilitation. REFERENCES Glossary of Transport Statistics Terms, (2003) Intermodal Transport, prepared by the Inter- secretariat Working Group on Transport Statistics. Available at UNCTAD, (1993). As in Multimodal Transport: its evolution & Application available at Permanent Secretariat of SELA, (2011) Physical Infrastructure for Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, Caracas, Venezuela June 2011 SP/DiNo09-11 available at Physical_Infrastructure_for_Integration_in_LAC.pdf Standifer, G. & Walton C. (2000) Development of a GIS Model for Intermodal Freight, Research Report SWUTC/00/167509-1 available at Higher Trade Competency through Improved Transport Infrastructure (November 05, 2009) available at through-improved-transport-infrastructure Trade Facilitation to promote Intra-African Trade (24-25 March 2005) Committee on Regional Cooperation and Integration 4th Session Addis Ababa, Ethiopia available at Read More
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