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Drug Enforcment Administration - Essay Example

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Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Instructor Institution Date Abstract The issues surrounding drugs and substance abuse seems to the familiar in most of the current societies. Drugs under abuse ranges from artificially manufactured drugs to natural plants that have certain medicinal values when properly extracted…
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Drug Enforcment Administration
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Extract of sample "Drug Enforcment Administration"

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) The issues surrounding drugs and substance abuse seems to the familiar in most of the current societies. Drugs under abuse ranges from artificially manufactured drugs to natural plants that have certain medicinal values when properly extracted. In many countries, there are governmental agencies designated to monitor and control the manufacturing, growing, distribution and consumption of the illicit drugs. In the same avenue, this paper will discuss about the Drug Enforcement Administration of US in line with its major roles in the economy of America and world in general. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Drug Enforcement Administration was formed in 1973 with the aim of harmonizing conflicting constituent groups of Federal Bureau of Narcotics that included the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD), US Customs Service, Office of National Narcotic Intelligence (ONNI), Narcotic Advance Research Management Team (NARMT), Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement (ODALE) with the mutual aim of intensifying the war on drug and substance abuse (Gorman, 2006). The entire mentioned bodies were charged will almost equal mandates of investing and arresting individuals found to in possession of prohibited drugs (Gorman, 2006). Due to the similar mandates allocated to perceived different organizations, there arose conflict of responsibility among the approved participants in the battlefield against drug and substance abuse. Another notable factor for the conversion of the FBN to DEA was due to increased cases of corruptions that hit the constituents of the FBN agency. Gorman (2006) reports that after the election of President Richard Nixon in 1972, he declared total war against drug and substance abuse thereby resolving to merge of various constituents of FBN to form a single body called DEA in 1973. Gorman (2006) observes that DEA was formed with sole responsibility of intensifying serious war against increased use of hazardous drugs in the US economy. Upon formation, DEA officials outlined a fundamental goal that focused on achieving positive results in the intensive war against spread of drug and substance abuse. The mission of DEA was to enforce laws and regulations proscribed on controlling substances in the US in line with forwarding to the federal courts those found in contravention of the drug prohibition laws. In addition, DEA vowed to recommend and back any unspecified efforts geared towards reducing the presence of illegal drugs within and without US borders. According to (Fine, 2010), DEA operates under the doctrines of conducting investigations on individuals and organizations that are involved in the growing, production and distribution of illegal drug and substances. DEA had the greatest mandate of ameliorating the planting of cannabis sativa that was remarked as one of the major planted drugs used by the larger population of drug addicts in the US The DEA is also mandated by the federal government to arrest and carry seizure of monies connected with the participants in field of cherishing drug and substance abuse to ensure that no one single law breaker benefits from the feud. The seized drugs according to the law are forwarded to the federal government of the US. In the views of (Fine, 2010), the seized monies are spent by the federal government in further enforcement of laws prohibiting the drug and substance abuse with the American society. Upon seizure of funds involved with the drugs, the law requires that DEA officials engaged in the seizure carry a prompt conversion of the cash to check and transfer the check electronically to United States Marshals Service (USMS). In the reports of Toro, DEA has been given the responsibility of investigating cases of drug trafficking even in the foreign countries. DEA officials in capacities of intelligence personnel have collaborated with security officials in foreign countries in the process of investigation and arrest of suspects of drug trafficking and abuse. In addition, DEA has reportedly been offering training to the foreign security agencies in line with detection and investigation of narcotics and substance trafficking (Toro). Furthermore, DEA has extended its operations to Mexico where it helps in the intensive war against drugs and money laundering in the Mexican economy. DEA carries extensive intelligence skills to identify key participants in the field of drug trafficking and organizations that participates in money laundering. DEA has also operated in the consultation capacity as it advices and provide intelligence services to the Mexican government on the issues of antidrug campaign. DEA has also been working towards reviewing of the narcotics intelligence capabilities and amendments of areas of shortage. DEA has conducts intensive surveillance in ways of phone tapping and stakeout operations. The surveillance techniques employed by DEA provides lead maps to the extended criminal organizations thus providing information concerning distribution and collection points and routes used by the culprits (Paquesi, 2010). It is also the mandate of DEA to arrest, do collection, documentation and transporting of the seized drugs to appropriate regions of storage and disposal. Toro reports that DEA does not only engage in the drug trafficking and abuse issues but also deals with investigation and forwarding of corruption cases to the court. In the views of Leiderman (2002), DEA is also mandated to licensing and determining quotas for medical drug manufactures. In addition, DEA is charged with the responsibilities of licensing patients prescribed by qualified medical doctors to use the illicit drugs (Leiderman, 2002). Upon arrest of drug traffickers, DEA assumes total responsibilities of gathering and preparing evidences for prosecution of the culprit. In conclusion, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is an American agency mandated with the responsibilities of controlling and managing the unruly growing, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of drugs. DEA was formed in 1973 under the leadership of President Richard Nixon with sole declaration of war against drugs and substance abuse. DEA was created from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) due to immense responsibility conflicts among various constituents of the FBN. It is also worth noting that FBN was allegedly disbanded due to intense corruption cases that involved in its operation. DEA has been playing very critical roles in the war against drug trafficking most of which have borne significant fruits. Apart from the basic role of fighting drug trafficking, DEA has also tackled money laundering offences. It is worth mentioning that DEA has expansive roles across the territories as it helps foreign countries in tracking and arresting criminals. It also helps in the training of security officers of the foreign countries regarding the skills required in the fight against illegal drugs. References Fine, G. (2010).Follow-up Audit of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s handling of Cash. Derby, PA: DIANE Publishing. Gorman, P. (2006). The History of the DEA. Retrieved October 24, 2011 from Leiderman, D. (2002). FDA and DEA roles under CSA. Retrieved October 24, 2011 from Pasquesi, A. (2011). What Are the Duties of a DEA Agent? Retrieved October 24, 2011 from Toro, C. The Internationalization of Police: The DEA in Mexico. Retrieved October 24, 2011 from Read More
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Drug Enforcment Administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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