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Hate Crime Analysis - Essay Example

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The particular study focuses on the several factors that form the basis for victimization, and makes an analysis on the justice models made available in the context. The measurement of victimization has been studied and the criminological theories explaining the victimization of individuals have also been focused. …
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Hate Crime Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Particularly in these cases, the psychological effects are severely visible among the lesbians and gays than they are affected by any other criminal activity (Herek, n.d.). Thus individuals becoming victims in the hands of other individuals and leading to hate crimes can be understood to be a major cause of concern for the society as a whole. Restorative Justice Models: Restorative justice allows a delinquent to realize his wrongdoing and provides him with an opportunity to take measures to refurbish the situation and present himself as a good individual in front of the society. In this case the main aspect of solving the situation is dependent on an apology that the offender requires to ask for from the victim who suffered owing to his actions. There are several models of restorative justice developed with the purpose of addressing the issues relating to victimization of individuals. Of these, victim offender mediation or reconciliation is a model that is used in cases of minor criminal activities as well as violent measures adopted seriously by individuals. The process would involve solving the issues between the victim and the offender by directly interacting with each other. The primary responsibility in such a situation is that of the offender’s to apologize and heal the pain inflicted on the victim. Other restorative justice models include conferencing models that are similar to the victim offender mediation except that in this case the supporters of the two groups are also involved in the process of healing of pain of the victim. Such supporters include the family members or close friends and they take an active role in the process of mediation. Circle sentencing or...
It can here be mentioned that victimization leading to hate crime activities among individuals thereby affecting lives of so many is a matter of serious concern. The different factors that have been observed to be responsible include the differences in the race or religion or sexual orientation. Such factors reflect the negative approach of the society as well that has significant influences over the offender. However, there are restorative models available that might be used effectively to solve the issues between the offender and the victim through mediation processes. Also, different measures have been observed to be available that can aid the measurement of victimization thus helping in the understanding and probable prevention of the hate crime activities. Thus victimization leading to the crime activities can be understood to be a process that can be tried to be prevented if proper measures can be taken on time accompanied by proper understanding.

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Hate Crime Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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