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GIS applications and Juvenile crimes in Philadelphia - Research Paper Example

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GIS or Geographical Information Systems combines the three aspects of geography, information and systems and uses the available data and advancements in technology for the knowledge of different geographical aspects. The knowledge gained through these measures and the…
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GIS applications and Juvenile crimes in Philadelphia
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Extract of sample "GIS applications and Juvenile crimes in Philadelphia"

Download file to see previous pages team with necessary information that not only assists in the detection of the crime but at times might also prevent the occurrence of several crimes (Johnson). The present study focuses on the application of the GIS for the decrease of juvenile crimes occurring in Philadelphia and thus, tries to determine whether the use of GIS might enable such crimes to reduce.
The study of the juvenile crimes in Philadelphia was significantly considered by Kempf-Leonard along with other researchers who have derived that the juvenile crimes in the city are equally of severe concern for the government and the public as there are high rates of adult crimes. This study has also thrown light on the proportions of the male and female delinquents who were caught as offenders. The studies reflected that many of these juvenile offenders were found to have contacts with the adult criminals. While there were some others who were not associated with severe offenses and were not in touch with adult criminals. Among the males who were considered in the study of age below 18 years, it was found that around 51 percent of them were serious offenders, 26 percent were violent in nature, 23 percent were chronic delinquents, 21 percent were both serious and chronic, and 14 percent were violent as well as chronic. Among the females in the study, serious offenders constituted around 17 percent, 7 percent were violent offenders, 7 percent of them were chronic in their behavior, 4 percent were serious and chronic, and 2 percent were violent as well as chronic (Howell, 62-63).
The above mentioned cases of juvenile crimes also reflect on their encounters with the police and the investigation teams. The incidents varied from theft to murder, and arrests had taken place in several of these cases, while in others the offender had not been taken into custody. The study also obtained that those groups of delinquents who were serious and chronic, and those who were violent and chronic reflected higher ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(GIS Applications and Juvenile Crimes in Philadelphia Research Paper)
GIS Applications and Juvenile Crimes in Philadelphia Research Paper.
“GIS Applications and Juvenile Crimes in Philadelphia Research Paper”, n.d.
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