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DNA fingerprinting is the genetical method that involves isolation and making of the DNA sequences mostly used in the verification of the identity of a strange person. It is common in criminal investigations to identify suspected criminals or in areas of law like paternity…
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BIOL final lab
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Bioethical Issues on Mandatory DNA Fingerprint and Bisphenol A (BPA) Mandatory DNA Fingerprinting DNA fingerprinting is the genetical method that involves isolation and making of the DNA sequences mostly used in the verification of the identity of a strange person. It is common in criminal investigations to identify suspected criminals or in areas of law like paternity checkups. The process of obtaining a DNA fingerprint involves obtaining a fingerprint cell sample from a suspected individual under investigation and extracting its DNA. This is then compared to the samples of DNA from other sources used as evidence like a blood stain from the crime scene. Matching samples can then be used as evidences of guilt and can be used for justice and prosecution actions (Mader et al. 2014).
Even though the reliability of DNA fingerprinting has been a subject of debate, it has proven to be effective and precise in giving criminal investigators, police officers and detectives’ access to efficient information about violence and criminal cases. This hence enables justice of the victimized individual thus helping in ensuring sturdy and justified prison sentences to avoid repeated criminal activities. This is hence used as one of the most sophisticated crime tools to bring into judgment murderers and violent offenders who apprehended that they may go undetected. Spreading the technology will hence reduce criminal cases in streets and cities hence reducing the cost of fighting crime (Mader et al. 2014).
The technology has been declared mandatory over 50 states to look into criminal activities with sexual assaults and homicides given an upper hand. Moreover, other states use the mandatory DNA fingerprint technology in testing of juvenile offenders. Like in California, there is a constitutional declaration that allows federal law enforcement on suspects of a crime to be subjected to a mandatory DNA fingerprint. Some states however consider this as violation of privacy especially those that may require intrusion into the body for blood samples. It can also be important for defense and vindication as defenders may provide DNA samples as evidences of not committing a crime.
Bioethical Issue: Should BPA be banned?
Bisphenol A (BPA) chemical is a carbon-based, colorless synthetic compound which is soluble in organic solvents. It belongs to the chemical group of diphenylemethane derivatives together with bisphenols and has been in use from1957 in the making of plastics epoxy resins. Its plastic products are tough and clear and they include sport equipment, DVDs, water bottles etc. its epoxy resins are used in the lining of water pipes and coating of many beverage and food cans.
The use of BPA has been debated whether to be banned or not since it exposes users to health hazards. While scientific evidences show that BPA is found in majority of American states and is dangerous to human health, the overwhelming body of science concerning BPA suggests that the banning of BPA will be disastrous to public health. Food containers aligned with BPA resins prevents the growth of fatal pathogens like Escherichia coli in the food supplied to consumers. Studies done by U.S, WHO as well as other governmental bodies in European Union, Canada and Japan have concluded that the BPA risks in the body are negligible. This is because human body naturally metabolizes it without any negative impact to the body (Mader et al. 2014).
The use of products containing high concentration of BPA is however related to hormone disruption, early puberty in children, obesity diabetes and cancer. Since there are no efficient alternatives to BPA resins, its ban when passed into law could lead to increase in food spoilage and serious food-borne and food related infections. According to the above evidences therefore, the quantity of BPA put into use should be checked rather that considering a complete ban.
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Mader S, Windelspecht M and Preston L. Essential of Biology (3rd Edition) New York, McGraw Hill Publishers, 2014 Read More
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