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A Diamond Personality Paper - Case Study Example

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The success of Oscar Rodriguez,an entrepreneur who ventured on selling diamonds online as middleman between buyer and supplier lies on several qualities he have: perseverance, attention to details, a will to maintain his own income-streaming business…
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A Diamond Personality Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will determine the possible characteristics or qualities of an entrepreneur who seeks to achieve his goal. Factors that Contributed to Rodriguez’s Success The success of Oscar Rodriguez, an entrepreneur who ventured on selling diamonds online as middleman between buyer and supplier lies on several qualities he have: perseverance, attention to details, a will to maintain his own income-streaming business, and a discipline to keep things in perspective. This mean that Rodriguez may feel and experience failure and disappointments but he persevered and determined to continue and find ways to address the obstacles such as the unwillingness of suppliers to provide him with diamonds, the discouragement of one supplier about online selling of such a precious commodity, the lack of big capital, and failure in retailing. Perseverance, determination, and the drive to go after something are some of the most elusive characteristics among the majority of people. These characteristics are similar and will be discussed on this portion as one. When an entrepreneur is determined to pursue success in his venture, he is not easily daunted by setbacks or failures but instead learn from them. Many individuals may feel they are losers when negative experiences happen. However, the determined entrepreneur like Rodriguez will not mull on his failure or loss but instead move on and find other possibilities (Marquez, 2007) linked or not linked with his current venture. There are a lot of challenges in every business venture (Fenton and Inglis, 2007) and these never seem to cease. The business environment is fraught with problems and issues including but not limited to capital investment, partnerships, supplier and employee relations, public and social responsibility, image, while keeping the business afloat, and many others (Ghosh, 2008). By adopting means and ways to address perceived and experienced business challenges, the business organization will be able to minimize risks and loses, but not exactly eliminate them. All these are experienced by Rodriguez. But acceptance of the inevitable challenges comes with the venture. Success in a business enterprise does not always mean being at the right place at the right time. It did not take a single shot for Rodriguez to experience success. First, his retail shop closed. Then, the supplier or dealer he approached did not believe in his proposal. His determination to proceed and succeed made the difference. Rodriguez Score on the Big Five Dimensions of Personality I believe that Rodriguez’ highest score on the Big Five dimension of personality is on conscientiousness. He pursued his business plan tenaciously and in complementing order with the other dimensions of personality including openness to experience, extraversion and agreeableness. He was determined to continue the business he started, only on another platform instead of the retail high-street or mortar one. He went online instead and sought the opportunities available for him. Conscientiousness is defined as the tendency to be self-disciplined and acting on self-imposed duty with the aim to achieve something. This is also seen with leadership abilities as conscientiousness also shows a person who work as planned. Rodriguez may at times act on impulse but upon analysis of possibilities for a venture, he sought which should be done and the course of his business venture. He hired the right persons, connected with the willing dealer-suppliers, and pursued possibilities for his venture. Rodriguez showed an openness to experience when he dabbled on jewelry despite his lack of knowledge on it and upon the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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