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Inmates perspective Law - Research Paper Example

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Inmates’ Perspectives (Add (Add (Add Date Inmates’ Perspectives From the angle of every constitutional law, the imprisonment of a convict is a punishment for his crime with an assumption that it guarantees his reformation as a perfect individual to live in the open society…
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Inmates perspective Law Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This essay focuses mainly on the features like the challenges in the prison, causes for violence with a detailed discussion of the constitutional rights entitled by the inmate prisoners. Life Inside the Prison As the number of crime increases with the technology in its growth, a number of sophisticated crimes is reported very frequently whose punishment is often awarded with the confinement in isolated unitary cells for round the clock locking up. Real stories of the prisons reveal the hardships of the prisoner s in the super-maximum security centers with the real-life effect of a mythological hell. A majority of the prisons were meant for inflicting sensory deprivation on the inmates. They were locked up for the whole day within a congested cage with a direct exposure to direct lights and unpleasant noises causing acute levels of sleep deprivation. As Kamel and Kerness (2003) point out, most of this isolation was constituted as a result of the situation of life threat to the prisoners as expected by the jail authorities. Apart from the peripheral woes of isolated prisoners, a large number of prisoners are subject to physical and mental harassment of the organized groups of existing prisoners who largely target on political prisoners. In some other cases, there are serious threats of violent behavior from gangster prisoners who target new inmates for assault. Gruesome incidents of sexual abuse of female prisoners and homosexual harassment of young male prisoners are common miseries apart from the routine torture at dining halls and bathrooms of American prisons. Many a prisoner complains about the cruelty of the jail guard using mechanical and electrical devices for torture, beating and shackling in painful positions and sleep deprivation. Many of such extreme tortures results in deaths or at least permanent disfiguration or physical disability. Amidst the strict laws of regulation of constitutional ways of the punishment with guaranteed rights to the inmate prisoners, prisons are filled with various negative elements that badly affect the lives of inmate owing much to the lenience of the jail authorities. Overcrowding in Prisons Increased number of reported crimes is the indicator for the excessive influx of the prisoners in recent years. The government is ignorant about the fact that the prison supervision and healthy lives of prisoners cannot be guaranteed if the prisons are overcrowded. The impact of this scenario is intensive as the prisoners are deprived of their constitutional rights of health and sanitation, and in most of the cases, their lives are at stake as the supervisory authorities do not maintain a strict control of discipline among violent inmates. “Overcrowding directly affects prisoners’ mental and physical health by increasing the level of uncertainty with which they regularly must cope” (Prison Overcrowding, p.3). A continuous exposure to unpleasant situations results in aggravated demoralization among the target groups inside the prison. Moreover, overcrowded situations inside the prison account for the imposition of cognitive and emotional strain on them. Repeated sessions of heavy physical strains of performing the tasks assigned by the authorities as well as the deprivations of their rights accumulate frustration among them. As such, even a minute case of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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