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Rehabilitation and re-entry back into society - Research Paper Example

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In the world of legal control, social justice and criminal justice are aimed at rehabilitating the criminal so that he or she can reform and get back to the society. Most jurisdictions in the world have their systems well organized so that they able to know the best way of…
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Rehabilitation and re-entry back into society
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Extract of sample "Rehabilitation and re-entry back into society"

Download file to see previous pages n and presentation of evidence as well as issues related to correctional institutions, incarceration and release of those accused of crime and those convicted. It will also discuss social and criminal justice theories focusing on the United States constitution. Socioeconomic diversity in the contemporary criminal and social justice systems will be highlighted, and finally the essay will assess the centralization of criminal justice agencies domestically in the United States Homeland Security Act and the international aspects of criminal and social justice.
Criminal justice is a government institution system that practices social control and sanctifies individuals who violate laws through mitigating and deterring them. The system consist of three main parts which are; the courts or adjudication, legislative that creates laws and mitigate corrections, and the legislative is responsible for jails, probations and prisons among others (Kraska, 2001). On the other hand, social justice can be defined as creating a society that is guided by equality and solidarity with leaders who understand human rights and have in mind the dignity of every person. The two systems work collaboratively in that, as soon as offenders are proved to be guilty of offenses, which have to be verified by the social justice system, the criminal justice system come in to implement and judge fairly without biases (Kraska, 2001). For justice to be said to be done, the offender’s act and crime victim must be balanced. Most criminal justice systems focus on reducing crime by showing justice and raising public confidence that their system will be fair to the offenders.
One of the widely used scene investigation technique is taking scene photographs. Crime scene photographers are, therefore, very crucial at the scene of a crime because they document the details of the potential physical evidence discovered at the crime scene. These photos, which are presented as evidence, assist the crime scene ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rehabilitation and Re-Entry Back into Society Research Paper.
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