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Future of the Juvenile System Name Institution Future of the Juvenile Justice System Juvenile cases seem to be on the increase everyday and responsibility is now being placed on parents. They have to instill strict discipline in their children so as to help reduce the rising cases of juveniles…
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Future of the Juvenile Justice System Presentation and Paper
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Future of the Juvenile System Future of the Juvenile Justice System Juvenile cases seem to be on the increase everyday and responsibility is now being placed on parents. They have to instill strict discipline in their children so as to help reduce the rising cases of juveniles. Gone are the days when socialization was a major responsibility for the society alone. Society has to some extent been unable to accomplish the role and its now upon the family to work with the society in ensuring that their children are upright. As for the juvenile system, they have to be funded enough in order to ensure that they have the best resources in dealing with the issue. There are a number of agencies that are involved in ensuring that the juvenile system becomes effective in changing the behavior of children. To ensure efficiency in the delivery of services, the system should ensure that it handles matters related to racial disparity, detention and reform programs. Those that are employed to deal with the children should do it in such a manner that will ensure they change after sometime. Prevention programs that exist should be those that can be managed by the children in the system. It was evident that in the recent years, the minorities were being treated unequally and this was attributed to the fact that their social class mattered (Pearl, 2000). Those who came from the rich families were treated well in terms of resources like food while others were neglected. On the other hand, those of the lower or middle social class were given harsher penalties and there was little representation for them in the system. The youths in the system are subjected to more surveillance and often charged compared to adults. The system should put into place solutions that handle the biased opinions that exist in the system in order to ensure that everyone benefits from the juvenile corrections. The biased opinions should be prevented from entering the court room and in enhancing the policing activities. In order to ensure that the trends are applicable to everyone, the mental health programs have to be implemented in every system. They should be made available to all youths not only those who commit crimes but also those outside the system. Through this program, the youths can be assessed their mental capabilities and status accordingly. The trends should seek not just the underlying mental health issues, but also consider the factors that lead or encourage the conditions. The failure to understand the underlying conditions explains why most of the services offered at the juvenile system remain unsuccessful. The children go back to participating in the same behavior. Therefore through mental programs, it would be easier to understand the impact the impact the behavior has on the child. It is not proper when they are just locked in one place and not allowed to socialize (Pearl, 2000). They should be analyzed with reference to the mental conditions they are facing in order to find the appropriate treatment for them. The juvenile courts should address some of these issues linking them to the society in which the individuals have been brought up. Family based treatment should also be adopted as most children are freer with their families than when in the juvenile and are likely to easily open up on their problem. Counterfactual theories would apply in this case and here it is assumed that the thoughts we have on given causal relationships results in different judgments about the relationships. It is through these thoughts and judgments that our children find themselves in the juvenile courts due to the poor decisions that were reached at. At some time they have to consider the alternatives so that they can be able to justify their case. It is through putting into considerations such alternatives that they find themselves in the wrong side of the law. They will identify an event differently from the way other people will see it to be. It is advisable that decisions that are reached at by society should be checked first by their parents so as to determine the situation of events before their children go ahead to implement them. The society should also be granted a right to correct children if they are not biologically there’s and this will reduce the juvenile cases (Byrne, 2005). It is advisable that parents talk frequently to their children on issues that may lead to them being taken to the juvenile and how they can avoid them. Events and agents should be discussed with their children in order for the children to be able to know what society wants from them. Conclusion The juvenile courts are charged with the responsibility of correcting what the minors have done wrong. This does not therefore grant them the responsibility of taking care of every family’s children. It therefore stands to mean that, parents should take a major responsibility in what there children do and not assume that they will be corrected in the homes. References Byrne, R.M.J. (2005). The Rational Imagination: How People Create Counterfactual Alternatives to Reality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Pearl, J. (2000). Causality: Models, Reasoning, and Inference, New York: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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