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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Customer Inserts Grade Course (07, 08, 2011) Intervention and Prevention Program: Miami Introduction The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) is an intervention program carried out by the state of Miami’s Juvenile Services Department…
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Crime Causation and Diversion
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Download file to see previous pages Younger people are more inclined to take part in violence and this can lead to criminal activity. Violent behavior can lead to dangerous criminal activities in the society therefore state intervention is important in this regard. The Miami-Dade County Prevention Initiative is also designed by Miami’s Juvenile Services Department and it aims at helping the younger population who is going through family problems (Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services 1). The initiative also helps the youth of Miami who are at the risk of being arrested. The prevention program offers anger management, disruptive behavior, family issues and drug experimentation solutions to younger population. Violence Intervention Program Violence Intervention Program by the Miami Juvenile services department is an important step in order to restrict the violent streak of youth. Young people are more incline towards violence because they have defying nature. They want to go against everyone and are more probable to have an extreme approach towards life. There is a serious threat of violence from the youth and this can have a great impact on community peace. Such programs can help youth because they need a direction. Guidance is what they require and such programs offer them that. Young people who are violent are also more inclined to end up in juvenile prisons because violent behavior is a precursor of many crimes. Young people also resort to violence because they are at a stage in life where they are not aware of their aims and ambitions. This lack of direction allows them to tread on the path of violence where they are a threat to the society. Most juvenile crimes are as a result of violent behavior. Younger generation today is more open to movies and online games and this adds to their violent stream. There can be seen a surge of violence in the younger generation after popularity of video games and internet. Juvenile crimes are not done with some ill intention because young people are not mature enough to do that. Most juvenile crimes are a spur of moment thing and violent behavior plays a major role in those crimes. A simple argument in a public place can lead to a big fight among young members of the society just because one or both parties displayed violent behaviors towards each other. The program also aims at identifying causes of violent behavior in youth and then through intervention sessions systematically decrease that violent streak. Violence in youth can also be a product of the capitalistic system of the country where everyone is interested in getting the best deal. The focus is just on earning money and not on aesthetic values. Youth today will try to earn and spend more today instead of reading books or poetry. This is also a major reason of violent behavior of youth. Miami-Dade County Prevention Initiative This prevention initiative focuses on family issues that the youth face and tries to change the behavior patterns of young people. The program is also focusing on behavior difficulties that most youth face today. Family issues are increasing in today’s individualistic society and young members of the society are not equipped to handle such problems. They are not mature enough to understand family conflicts and complex issues. Therefore they react by taking out their frustration on the society. Family problems can definitely change the behavior of youth as they can become angry and can resolve to drug experimentation. For adolescents family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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