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The paper "Explanations of Such Crime as Robbery" states that the reason of robbery is due to gang culture. The case of Andre Luis Ortega (2007) who killed and robbed Mr Adams exemplified this. The jury found out that Ortega carried out the crime with the direction of the criminal street gang…
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Explanations of Such Crime as Robbery
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It is somewhat surprising that Berlin identified a deeper cause of theft among this group who robs during holidays and birthdays. Deprived individuals are depressed, frustrated, and go through anxiety attacks predisposing them to be involved in the robbery. Such findings are consistent with the interpretation of Bethune (2011) where she indicated that underprivileged individuals steal to keep up with people they view as privileged who could always have things they desire. Their frustration to acquire their necessities or wants is achieved through stealing thus Bethune further stated that stolen items could be a mixture of must have and desired items and not only in the form of money. Unfortunately, thieves view stealing as their “relief mechanism” without considering its consequences. Bethune also revealed Kleptomania as another reason for theft which is not uncommon to thieves. Kleptomania is the irresistible impulse to steal so that they would lift even small things they could afford to buy. Such psychological disorder is also discussed in the articles by NASP (2006) where kleptomania is viewed as a relief phenomenon of an underlying mental conflict. Another interesting reason Bethune pointed out as a contributory factor to the robbery is how we live our life. Individuals spending for jewellery, clothing, and travel beyond their financial means may commit robbery to be able to maintain their lifestyle. Others who are involved in drugs and alcohol likewise rob to sustain their addiction to such substances. Since drugs are expensive whether, in small or large quantity, the fund is very important to maintain the supply. Several news reports had indicated the proliferation of robbery related to drugs. Read More
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