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Business Law Course Project 1 Rubric - Essay Example

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Introduction The legal profession is comprised of a variety of career opportunities and different aspects such as qualifications, duties involved as well as relevance of the law in that particular field are often taken into consideration before one is employed in this profession…
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Business Law Course Project 1 Rubric
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Download file to see previous pages Lawyer How the job is related to the law In different countries, respective governments lay down binding regulations that form the law of the land as enshrined in the constitution. As such different cases are reported to the courts and the law states that the accused person is innocent until proven guilty by the court (Muller et al, 2007). The law states that the accused persons have the right to fair trial and they can engage the services of a practising member of the legal profession such as a lawyer to be represented in each case. This career is related to the law since it is stipulated in the constitution that the accused person has a right to seek legal advice from legal professional people. In most cases, there are laws that regulate the operations of the lawyers and these outline the expected code of behaviour as well as the work ethics. Typical job duties A lawyer is a practising member of the legal profession and he or she represents different individuals as well as big organisations in various court cases (Mallor et al, 2007). In a court trial, the defendant has a right to be represented by a lawyer who will argue in his or her favour. The lawyer often tries to gather as much information as possible that can be used to defend the accused in a court case. A lawyer also gives legal advice to his or her client with regards to rights during the trial period. Educational requirements The minimum qualification for one to practice as a lawyer is a law degree (LLB). Higher qualifications such as doctorate are also an added advantage. Introduction to the interviewee The interviewee is a prospective legal professional as a lawyer upon successful completion of his studies and this interview has been designed to solicit for more information about how he perceives this profession. As such, I designed the following questions with the aim of establishing the extent to which he views this profession. What are your expectations as a practising lawyer? Do you think the law regulating the practise of lawyers in their profession is fair? What do you think needs to be done to improve this legal profession? Do you want to work for a private or public law firm? Is it ethical to lie in defence of your client? What kind of cases do you prefer to represent in court? Are you competent to represent big criminal cases? Do you abide by the code of behaviour for lawyers as stipulated by the law? How many cases can you represent per month? How do you view corrupt practises by lawyers such as accepting bribes from clients? The magistrate How the job is related to the law The law of the land states that the judiciary is mainly responsible for acting as an arbiter in solving disputes that can arise between different parties. As such different cases are reported to the courts and the magistrate has a role to preside over them with the aim of reaching a fair judgement among the parties involved (Muller et al, 2007). This career is related to the law since it is stipulated in the constitution that the judiciary is responsible for settling disputes between different people. Typical job duties A magistrate is a practising member of the legal profession and he or she presides over different cases in the court with the aim of reaching a fair judgement. In a court trial, the magistrate through the help of the prosecutor gathers enough information from both parties involved in a case and uses this information to determine the judgement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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