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Madisons views in the structure of the proposed constitution - Research Paper Example

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Madison asserted that the republican remedy personified in the Constitution permitted the different sections adequate room to articulate their outlooks and to attempt to pressure the government. Rather than the majority suppressing minorities, the diverse concerns would confer their differences. …
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Madisons views in the structure of the proposed constitution
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Download file to see previous pages Madison asserted that the republican remedy personified in the Constitution permitted the different sections adequate room to articulate their outlooks and to attempt to pressure the government. Rather than the majority suppressing minorities, the diverse concerns would confer their differences. This leads to a situation whereby the majority would rule but with appropriate care and consideration given to minorities. Consequently, the same number of sections would prevent any one from exerting dictatorial power over the rest (Federalist no. 10). He also argued that there must be a connection between the interests of the man and the constitutional rights of the place. He feels that when such tools are crucial to contain the exploitations of government, it becomes an expression on human nature. For instance, he argues that there would be no need of a government if men were angels. Moreover, neither peripheral nor interior pressures on government would be obligatory if angels were to rule men. A great complexity lies in structuring a government, to be governed by men over men. In this regard, one must first facilitate the government to have power over the governed and in the next place compel it to govern itself. The major control on the government is a dependence on the citizens. However, experience has taught people the requisite of supplementary safety measures.He further indicates that if a section consists of less than a majority, the republican principle relieves it by enabling the majority to overcome its menacing views by standard vote. It might convulse the humanity and obstruct the administration. However, under the provisions of the Constitution, it will be incapable of carrying out and masking its brutality. When a majority comprises a faction, the structure of popular government, alternatively allows it to surrender to its ruling zeal or concern both the rights of other citizens and the public good. The greatest objective of the constitution is to protect the public good and personal rights from the threat of such a faction as well as to safeguard the spirit and the structure of popular government (Federalist no. 10). Moreover, diverse interests unavoidably subsist in different categories of citizens. The privileges of the marginalized would be in danger if a majority were in unity due to a common interest. This can be counteracted by realizing several divided depictions of citizens in the society. In effect, this will leave an unfair combination of a majority very dubious and impossible. The federal republic of the United States will illustrate this method in the proposed constitution. All power in it will originate from and rely on the society and the society itself will have numerous interests, divisions, and categories of citizens. Consequently, the rights of marginalized, or of the minority, will be less vulnerable from interested groupings of the majority. Madison further argues that, the safety for civil rights must be equivalent to that for religious rights in a liberated government. In the one case, it comprises the array of interests and the diversity of factions in the other (Federalist no. 51). Madison further argues that to facilitate guarding against the factions of a few, delegates must increase to a certain number however small the republic might be. In addition, to guard against the perplexity of a crowd, the delegates must be limited to a certain number however large it might be. The number of delegates in the two scenarios is comparatively greater in the small republic hence is not corresponding to that of the two components. In that case, the larger republic will offer a larger preference, and therefore a greater likelihood of a fit choice. Consequently, more citizens in the large than in the small republic will select each delegate. For that reason, it will be very hard for undeserving candidates to practice successfully the nasty arts, which often ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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