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Public perception and actual police recorded crime in Cornwall and Devon - Essay Example

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Crime is the breach of law or rules against an existing authority or a set of convictions in a particular region. Crimes are of various types and different societies have defined crimes differently.The modern society is panic considering the increasing rate of crimes like vehicle crime,burglary,theft,robbery,violence,and so on…
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Public perception and actual police recorded crime in Cornwall and Devon
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Download file to see previous pages Crime is the breach of law or rules against an existing authority or a set of convictions in a particular region. Crimes are of various types and different societies have defined crimes differently. The modern society is panic considering the increasing rate of crimes like vehicle crime, burglary, theft, robbery, violence, and so on. One of the great threats of the modern world is from terrorism that many regard it as the combination of various crimes. Any nation, or culture, will have concerns regarding the way crimes are increasing and creating disruptions in the social life. The twentieth and the twenty-first centuries have witnessed a rising trend in this context. Though there are countries claiming as reducing the percentage of crime rates, various studies have identified them as vice-versa. Everyday, significant events are dramatically reported in modern media which in reality may not be the factual portrayal of a real situation. Further there is a perception among the people that the crimes rates are really high and the authorities secrete it from the general public. However, to unveil the reality, that is, whether the crimes rates are really amplifying or dwindling as the perceptions of the majority, one has to wade through many and varied studies conducted overtime. This is quite applicable to Cornwall and Devon where one can identify the disparities between the public perception and actual recorded crime....
ng to the figures of the Home Office, it has reported that Devon and Cornwall have retained their position as the fourth safest policing area in England and Wales. The news report continues to describe that ‘Over the 12-month period to June, the government statistics for the region show there were 54 crimes per 1,000 people’ (BBC News). However, one can identify significant reduction in burglary vehicle crime and violence, when sexual offences and drug crimes marked as rising. This is indicative of the alarming growth of sexual offences and drug crimes that really impedes the smooth flow of social life. One of the main threats of the modern world is from the sexual offences and drug crimes the percentage of which has been reported as increasing. Devon and Cornwall is not an exception regarding sexual offences and drug crimes. The study of the Devon and Cornwall police makes it clear when they report 15% rise in sexual offences (BBC News). The police have also identified the reasons for its growth as the increasing support available to the victims. Similarly, drug use also has very marked that one of the reports has clearly stated it as 6% increase in recorded drug offences (BBC News). As per the recorded crime rate, Devon and Cornwall have witnessed 89,734 crimes between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010 - 12,300 fewer than the previous year (BBC News). Analysing these studies one can see the perception of the police force about the crime rate is decreasing—marked with 12,300 lesser than the previous year, and as such, they infer that Cornwall and Devon is a safe place to live, work and visit. In order to prove the crime reductions they provide sufficient data as follows: vehicle crime down 19%, criminal damage down 19%, burglary down 13%, theft down 12%, robbery down ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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