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Nationality and international judicial process - Essay Example

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Nationality and international judicial process Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Submission Date Introduction Mutual relational consent by individual to country explains “nationality”. How can nationality exist without state and the subject?…
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Nationality and international judicial process
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Download file to see previous pages There should be no limitation into individual efforts in acquiring nationality or properly too while changing it. It is designed to be an easy task when a person applies for nationality in a country more so by law. Equally, when one intends to forfeit/forego accorded nationality, then simple procedures should be followed. On the other hand, international law confines are configured around the individual state supremacy and thus the judicial administration is designed to serve the international community. It is therefore formulated for and by the cooperation of individual states that consent onto alike ideals of governance and justice procedures. However, for the interest of the common good of all humanity, there are obligations to the international community to oversee justice and lawful governance even to the countries that are non partisans to the international treaties that bind member countries to the common international justice. This is because human beings have been “socialized” in conflict resolution through amicable manners. Nevertheless, supremacy of the state often holds the mandate to establish solution giving mechanisms to cases requiring legal arbitration. In the event of arbitrations that are beyond a state scope, especially those involving other states, arbitration is done centrally by a central tribunal under the watch of international community. Certain basics hold as pertains to these procedures. The tribunals are formed by consent of many states who also give guidelines on the operations. The associates of the states are by default linked to the tribunal. All the procedures are well monitored under commonly accepted codes of operations. This essay therefore intends to evaluate the ways in which nationality aspect is relevant into the confines of international law. We intend to show how nationality holds when it comes to the judicial field beyond the borders of supreme state. Are there provisions that explain the levels of sovereignty of nationals of particular states as opposed to others? What is the jurisdiction provision on the matter that pertains to statelessness or refugees? What are the relationship spheres of a sovereign state and her nationals when it comes to crime against humanity or any other international crime committed either within the respective country’s borders or the international scene? Discussion We start by evaluating nationality and its meaning. It started with the states forming the basic blocks of the international law but later on a relationship between the states and individual persons led to reconsideration of nationals as regards to the international law. Through this then, international law encompassed an individual and state. Sloane, say that inclusion of nationality in “international law” mediated accompanying obligations and persona rights. The initial intention was towards offering diplomatic protection, state responsibility, war, extradition and jurisdiction (2009, 1-2). Therefore, the best way to understand nationality is in terms of the legal bundles of protection or individual duties and rights to an individual person accustomed to at state or at international level. Though an individual has a formal entitlement of sense of belonging to either one or more states through the single or dual nationality procedures, everyone is bound to the terms espoused to by the country’s legal framework. However, the basic significance legal consequence of nationality remains in individual state to which a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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