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ATTENDANCE NOTE _ File No: Morris/29 Date: 2 March 2010 Fee Earner: Ravinder Singh and Julie Simpson Nature of Attendance: Telephone Call – Morris v Morris Time Spent: 7 units _ WORK DONE/INSTRUCTIONS: Telephone attendance between Ravinder Singh (RS) and Alan Morris (AM) to discuss the case of Morris v Morris…
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Assesed Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages RS suggested to AM that the court do not look favourably upon parents who just want to keep on fighting; clearly that sort of behaviour is detrimental to the children. Children’s Wishes and Feelings AM seemed to be of the view that he had a right to see his children; RS explained that contact is always for the benefit of the children – they have the right to contact if it is in their best interests. The CAFCASS officer, Mrs Smith, recorded in her report that the children were mature enough to understand the dispute. Simon and Lily made their decisions clearly and eloquently that they did want to see AM although wished their grandmother to be present throughout contact. They also desire to continue living with their mother. AM believes that his wife has ‘poisoned’ Simon and Lily against him and that is why they have told Mrs Smith that they wish to remain with their mother and have supervised contact. RS explained to AM that this is not the issue – the child psychologist confirmed that the children have suffered harm. Evidence RS explained that the court will hear AM’s evidence and he will have his say, albeit unrepresented, although the court will also hear from Mrs Morris and the instructed expert’s recommendations. ...
The reasons given in the report were that the children are settled with Mrs Morris in their home and at their school. Mrs Smith believes that they may be at risk of harm if they did not live with their mother. AM strongly objected to the suggestion that he had harmed his children. RS drew AM to Mrs Smith’s report where she states that she has seen the evidence in Mrs Morris’ statement, the casualty report, GP report and neighbour`s evidence which all support Mrs Morris’ statement of domestic abuse. This of course, hinges on the issue of the injunction which does not look favourably upon AM. We are confident that we will be able to show that it is in Simon and Lily’s best interests for residence to be granted to Mrs Morris. Contact RS attempted to negotiate a contact arrangement that is in the best interests of the children. RS suggested contact be supervised in accordance with the recommendations within the CAFCASS report, taking into account the children’s wishes and feelings. Simon and Lily would be happy with their paternal grandmother being present during contact. RS made AM aware that the Local Authority are stating that they would become involved with the family if the children were to have anything other than supervised contact. RS asked AM if he had any suggestions of his own for contact. He suggested weekends and overnight stays at the weekend. *see below Supervised Contact heading. RS proposed that Mrs Morris take the children to AM’s mother’s house and she will take the children to AM’s house for 3 hours on a Saturday between 1pm and 4pm. AM stated that he would agree if he could pay half of the child support he currently pays and that the injunction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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