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The purpose of this report paper is to explain in a detailed manner the sequences of events in a homicide case. This paper also aims to give a detailed understanding of the theory learned in class and as per level of understanding and how to apply in a practical context in this case the homicide investigative case at hand. …
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Download file to see previous pages This paper cover what happens in a typical homicide case, the people involved in the homicide case and the duties they carry out. The court of law also plays a major role in a homicide case as discussed in this paper. This paper emphasizes on the fact that in every homicide case what is very essential is the evidence as this will lead the investigators to track out the suspect. If an evidence sample is contaminated or destroyed by bad weather conditions, for example, sunlight and rainfall; then the evidence will be destroyed, and no case can be carried out. It is crucial in every homicide case for the evidence to be protected at all costs. Homicide is the unlawful killing or murder of a living human being committed by another human being with intent to cause major harm or to kill. Depending on the case it may or may not be a criminal action. For example in the case of a defense strategy, after a comprehensive investigation the homicide may not be ruled out as a criminal act. After every homicide incident, a methodical investigation should be executed so as to know the core cause of the demise as this is also in accordance with the protocol. A crime scene is a place set aside by the police force because an illegitimate action or activity took place there. A crime scene provides evidence of the events that took place in that area, the sequence of events, the time the crime took place, evidence from the suspect in the form of personal effects of the suspect and the evidence from the scene on the suspect. The main principle of a crime scene is to find the key evidence so as to provide investigative and interpretive leads. The crime scene in this homicide case study is a major parking zone next to an isolated forest. The forest where the body was discovered also acts as a crime scene. Blood is at the parking area, and a trail leads to the forest where the body was disposed off. The blood on the described areas acts as crime scenes; they give a definite proof that the crime took place there. From the photographic evidence; the victim was murdered at the major parking zone and later on dragged in the forest zone. Evidence that the victim was murdered in the parking area is the blood deposit as it seems some time passed before the victim was dragged in the forest; this is based on the photographs one can notice two blood stains from it. One blood stain has dried up while the other one is still fresh as compared to the first stain. From the crime scene, there is also blood splatter, seems the victim was trying to resist whatever was going on. The crime scene is as well near the victim’s residence as seen on the crime scene sketch map (Hess & Orthmann, 2010). The management for the synchronization of a homicide investigation depends on the Criminal Investigation Department/ Division. This is an agency that deals with the major crimes section. It is a division of the law enforcement force. The conclusions concerning a homicide case together with the proper presentation of the evidence gathered is a communal duty of the complete police force department. The investigative steps and strategies involved in this homicide investigation so as to obtain the correct evidence are described below; the people involved in the crime scene as well as the duties they perform so as to protect the crime scene are also explained in a precise manner as follows: The first person to arrive at a homicide scene is a responding police officer. The initial responding officer must be very swift in arriving at the crime scene as delays may result to fundamental observations, witnesses, evidence going unnoticed. The duties and responsibilities of the first officer at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? Homicide Introduction In criminal law, homicide is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. In common law and as by statute in various jurisdiction first degree murder is defined as unlawful killing with cruelty aforethought. The phrase malice aforethought connotes the mental state of a person who voluntarily and without legal reason does an act that will normally cause death or serious injury to another individual. Aforethought has been defined to mean malice must exist at the material tome of the homicidal act. The discussion that follows will majorly deal with social learning theory, minds designed for murder theory, thrill murder theory and sociological...
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...HOMICIDE CASE STUDY Introduction Homicide can be defined as the killing of a person by another. It is however in a broader scope compared to murder and as such murder could qualify to be a form of homicide (Ouimet, 2012). Therefore, not all homicides may constitute acts of criminality and are thus regarded excusable or warranted. This may be due to self-defense or authorization by law. Criminal homicide may be by accident or intended murder. As such the mental state of the executor and the crime extent determine the crimes in homicide. Criminal homicides may also include the manslaughters. This paper, therefore, seeks to...
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