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Police Corruption: A History in America - Essay Example

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Police Corruption in United States Name University Introduction The issue of police corruption in the United States is becoming byzantine as the tendency of exploiting law for the sake to fulfill personal needs is fast becoming the practice of police officers…
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Police Corruption: A History in America
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Download file to see previous pages These institutions are under consideration as and concerned authorities believe that they can play their part in the prevention of police corruption. There has been a drastic rise in police corruption cases for the past couple of years. Unfortunately, one can easily find an article or a detailed investigative report every week in newspaper regarding a police officer who got caught red-handed, practicing corrupt activities. These evil police officers are enjoying being a part of wicked activities such as receiving money illegally from the distributors of cocaine. The illegal trade of cocaine has played a massive role in giving rise to police corruption. A good number of police officers are working with such corrupt groups which are indulged in stealing money from the cocaine dealers and distributors. These police officers were apprehended from cities such as New Orleans, New York, Washington, Los Angeles and many other cities (Scaramella, 2011, p.252). Police corruption can be studied focusing on two basic kinds of corruption; external corruption and internal corruption. However, external corruption is believed to trigger the internal forces too to involve in illegal activities and thus give boost to the police corruption. ...
While analyzing the causes of police corruption, the focus must lie with gaining the knowledge as to why corruption happens and how the police officers become addicted to corrupt activities to earn ill-gotten gains. Body It goes without saying that police corruption involves ill-usage of the authority by the respected police personnel who become habitual of indulging in corrupt activities to satisfy their needs. To carry out a certain corrupt act, three integral elements must play their part. These three elements include the manhandling of authority, manhandling of official cubage and manhandling of personal achievements (Sarre, 2005, p.302). The attainment of power is inkling that you are bombarded with great responsibilities. However, it is seen that power often becomes a source to corrupt the pure souls. This can be an excuse that can be presented to the ordinary masses that tend to shout out loud if they come across any story related to police corruption. People easily lay their faith in the police officers, but the corruption stories of police officers certainly afflict them with pain. It seems as if police corruption has become indigenous within the police departments. A detailed study on police corruption was carried out and published in a book known as Sherman (Dempsey, 2013). The book focuses on external and internal police corruption and indicates that external corruption involves contacts which are made between the police and public while internal corruption concerns relationship among the police officers, working in a certain police department. The external corruption involves some impish activities that take place between the police ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Police corruption every part of the country on a regular basis but even if it does the same in some portions of the country for a limited time, it will send a strong message to other police officers that are toying with the idea of corruption. Even if these agencies are able to uncover and expose the activities of a few police officers, it will discourage other police officers from corruption and it will also reassure the public that they tax dollars would not be allowed to go to waste (Office of International Criminal Justice, p. 16). The costs of police corruption, both monetary and non-monetary, and short term and long term are...
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