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White-collar crimes are defined as crimes that are non-violent but occur as a result, of breach of trust, deceitfulness and manipulation, and are mainly committed by businesspersons and public officials (Benson, Michael & Sally 30)…
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White Collar Crimes
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White Collar Crimes White-collar crimes are defined as crimes that are non-violent but occur as a result, of breach of trust, deceitfulness and manipulation, and are mainly committed by businesspersons and public officials (Benson, Michael & Sally 30). These white-collar crimes are criminal offences that involve actions of fraud, which is defined as intentionally deceiving a person. There are many types of fraud today especially because of the new technology brought by internet. There are many types of white-collar crimes such as black mail that occurs when a person threatens another to harm him or her if he or she refuses to give in to his demands. The other type is bank fraud, which involves a series of activities that are carried out with intention of defrauding funds from a bank. Despite the magnitude of white-collar crimes, for a long time people have been concerned about street crimes and do not pay much attention on corporate crimes. Although street crimes are rampant and their effects are well known, corporate crimes have become very common and very expensive as well (Mishra, Girish, & Braj 120). The reason why white-collar crimes go unnoticed is that they are normally committed by corporate employees on behalf of or to the benefit of their corporation. This means that after these crimes occur organizations try to ensure that they conceal them from the public domain to maintain their social responsibility status. Hence, these crimes are normally planned by corporate so that they can enhance their profits margins in order to attract investors. Therefore, it is very hard to know the exact number of corporate crimes committed daily since most of them are not reported and those that are reported lack evidence to prove them. Corporate crimes have become so common today as a result of the bureaucratic structure that is adopted by most of the corporations, as this structure gives the management overall authority which is mostly abused to perpetrate white-collar crimes. Hence, there is a strong link between policies that bureaucracies advocate for and the rise of corporate crimes. Even though corporate crimes are more expensive than street crimes, they have managed to stay out of the limelight, considering that public speakers always talk about how they are willing to reduce street crimes; however, there is never a mention of corporate crimes. It is estimated that corporate crimes costs $40billions every year yet the focus of leaders concerns and campaigns is on street crimes. Since white-collar crimes are committed with corporations’ blessings and are not easily detected, they are not given much attention, as they should receive. Moreover, there are cases when these crimes are caught and organizations find themselves in court, however, they always pay fines or make corrupt arrangements and are freed. In addition, there those who argue that that white collar crimes are better than street crimes since they are not violent, this is wrong since they are too expensive and indirectly affect a country’s economy. The fact that white-collar crimes are said to be non-violent, and therefore considered better than street crimes is wrong, since white-collar crimes cause many damages as well. This is because there are many people who die slowly as a result, of corporate crimes, while others end up being depressed and suffering from high blood pressure because of these crimes. In addition, there are also many cases of occupational fraud where an employee defrauds his or her employer without the knowledge of the management. Thus, it is even harder since employees carry out the crimes in such a way that it is almost impossible to detect. These kinds of crimes have become very common and are costing corporations a lot of money, and computerization has increased the rate of white-collar crimes and they should receive more attention now that they are causing major damages to individuals as well as to companies. White-collar crimes also occur in public offices and cost the government a huge amount of money, and cause the suffering of innocent citizens who rely on these services. For, instance, it is estimated that the in the healthcare department in the US there was over $50 billion amount of money that was lost as a result, of fraud. This was carried out in the government’s medical programs, which means that those who suffered are poor citizens who cannot afford better medical programs. White-collar crimes will not just disappear since they have been existence for a long time; however, if more focus is given to these crimes they can be contained. Corporations as well as the government should work harder into reducing these crimes. This may not completely end these crimes but it may reduce them since with the new technology the future looks bleak. Moreover, corporations that engage in these crimes should be exposed to discourage others and to ensure that they are punished for their actions. In conclusion, the public also should be mobilized as well to keep them alert on possible frauds that they find out. Works Cited Benson, Michael L, & Sally S. Simpson. White-collar Crime: An Opportunity Perspective. New York: Routledge. 2009. Print. Mishra, Girish, & Braj K. Pandey. White-collar Crimes. New Delhi: Gyan Pub. House. 1998. Print. Read More
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