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Criminological Theories for White Collar Crimes - Research Paper Example

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According to some studies and public opinion polls from among American, British, and Australian people, white-collar crimes have risen tremendously and created an impact to the public (Simpson, 2002)…
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Criminological Theories for White Collar Crimes
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Criminological Theories for White Collar Crimes

Download file to see previous pages... According to some studies and public opinion polls from among American, British, and Australian people, white-collar crimes have risen tremendously and created an impact to the public (Simpson, 2002). With the rise in the significant impact of white collar crimes, it is therefore important to understand what theories would help explain its prevalence in the business community. This paper then presents some of the theories that explain the reasons behind the commission of the said crimes. Upon research and evaluation of some significant studies, criminological theories point to distinct personalities of white collar offenders, the values and cultural influences, the centralized base structure, the legislative, judicial, and penal systems (Feeley, 2006) in treating less significantly these crimes, as the reasons for the commission of white collar crimes. With these findings, hopefully the community and the government authorities may find ways of returning to the basics of giving importance to integrity and ethical standards of doing business as well as crafting an effective regulation to curb the incidences of white collar crimes. The Various Theories for White Collar Crimes White collar crime has been defined as “the abuse of power by upper-echelon businessmen in the service of their corporations” (Geis, 1991). ...
Personality is said to be “a person's ‘tendency to act or react in a certain way’ to different stimuli” (Alalehto, 2003). The personality traits reveal themselves in different forms conveyed “through social acts” which are easily measured and classified in science (Alalehto, 2003). “Interpersonal competitiveness” is a distinct personality associated to white-collar criminals (Terpstra et al., 1993). These personalities “cannot bear any form of loss and thrive on defeating their rivals” and rising to the top levels of the corporate world (Alalehto, 2003).  The so-called “positive extroverts” occupy themselves in the corporate competition that because of their motivation to win at any costs, defeats any ethical standards (Terpstra et al., 1993). An individual with an “ultra-competitive personality,” when positioned in a “competitive corporate setting,” changes into achiever who is “reckless, ambitious and egocentric” and who considers nothing except victory (Coleman, 2002 & Spencer 1965). The importance and preference for money by the American society according to Sociologist David Simon is related to enticement of “overly competitive, deviant-prone personalities” to go into the corporate life and search for success (Simon, 1996). Individuals with this personality in a white-collar environment, also do not often respect their colleagues and their work, but instead find power, money and other status representations as forms of gratification (Simon, 1996). Individuals with competitive and ego-driven personalities often show shrewdness and deception, concealing “their criminal compulsions behind a facade of hard work and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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