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Do no contact/protection orders help reduce recidivism among batterers - Research Paper Example

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Some studies show that these protective orders are effective in reducing re-offending. For instance, Goldfarb (2008) cites study after study which show that violence is reduced after these orders are in place. …
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Do no contact/protection orders help reduce recidivism among batterers
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Download file to see previous pages Offenders who are of lower socioeconomic status, or are unemployed, uneducated and have prior criminal records are more likely to reoffend than offenders who do not have these characteristics. Women who are married or have children with the abuser are more likely to be re-abused than women who do not have children or who are not married to the abuser. At least one study shows that protective orders increase the likelihood of homicide for white individuals. This paper will focus on recidivation rates for individuals who are under protection orders, and the results are mixed.
Goldfarb (2008) states the civil protection orders are the most common remedy for domestic violence. She states that, in most jurisdictions, protection orders operate as “stay away” orders, which means that the abuser and the abused are to have no contact with one another. That said, Goldfarb (2008) argues that, often, this kind of protective order is an affront to the autonomy of the abused, because the abused may wish to maintain the relationship, yet they also, naturally, want the violence to end. She states that, for these types of situations, there are modified protective orders which permit the parties to see one another at the discretion of the abused. Goldfarb (2008) argues that these are actually beneficial in many cases because women might seek any type of protective order if the order states that she cannot have any contact with her abuser. Goldfarb (2008) provides evidence that recidivism is reduced by no-contact orders. For instance, she states that, according to studies done by the state of Wisconsin and by the National Center for State Courts, no contact orders made 84% victims of domestic violence feel safer and the women who pursued these no-contact orders six months prior reported that their lives had gotten better since getting this order. Results were similar in Colorado, where 85% of victims stated that getting the no contact order had made them safer. Further, Goldfarb (2008) cites studies done by four states in which 72% victims of domestic violence stated that no-contact orders were either “somewhat effective” or “very effective” in preventing future abuse and violence. Goldfarb (2008) also reports that, according to a Seattle study, domestic violence decreased 70% among victims who got a protective order, verses victims who did not get a protective order. This echoed in Texas, according to Goldfarb (2008), where victims of domestic violence reported that those who got protection orders suffered less violence than those who did not. Meanwhile, another study done by The National Center for State Courts found that, after three months, 72% of victims who got a no-contact order reported “no problems” with their abuser, and this number was 65% after six months (Goldfarb, 2008). That said, Goldfarb (2008) also indicated that no-contact orders were not foolproof in ending abuse. She states that women who were reluctant to cease contact were more likely to be abused by their partner if that woman has a no-contact order. Goldfarb (2008) further states that the characteristics of the abuser and the abuse play a role in how well the no-contact order works. Abusers who have criminal records are more likely to violate the no-contact order than abusers without criminal records. Moreover, Goldfarb (2008) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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