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Regionalization planning, preparation, and response approach - Research Paper Example

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Governance in the US is mostly dealt with by local, state and federal governments but this system does not allow efficient means of addressing problems from the perception of regional and multi-jurisdictional security. …
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Regionalization planning, preparation, and response approach
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Download file to see previous pages are known to have a history of coordinated aid agreements and function mutually, some regions are characterized with different partners coming together in the context of federal homeland security arrangements in order to initiate effective planning. This paper examines the issues of regional planning, preparation and responses approaches in the context of their economic, social and legal impacts. In addition, the paper will incorporate the role of the Saint Leo University core value of Community as it relates to local response to terrorism; such as, mutual aid agreements, regionalization approaches, multi-jurisdictional training or exercises, cross-discipline training or exercises, interoperable communications, etc. Body Regionalization or regional coordination relates to using government resources in harmonizing ways in order to achieve objectives that are mutually agreed amongst different stake holders in the given region. Regionalization also helps in overcoming the disjointed characteristics of federal systems and grants as provided to states and other local bodies. Coordination is successful through vertical processes amongst local, state and federal government as also through horizontal processes in different regions. Resources can be efficiently aligned to achieve security in communities, but this often requires considerable planning within the given judicial jurisdictions. The neighboring jurisdiction can be impacted by urgent situations in many possible ways, such as through implementing mutual aid agreements and the acceptance of evacuated citizens. After the September 2001 terror attacks, the US has strengthened efforts and initiatives towards improving the programs established to safeguard the safety, health and welfare of people and community during...
The extent of regionalization after the beginning of the Cold War led to the creation of enhanced opportunities for nation states as well as state sponsored entities to adopt asymmetrical strategies of attacking stronger opponents such as the US. Although value systems of terror organizations and terrorists pertain to overcoming the stronger enemy or to force it to abandon its initiatives in regional conflicts, the main objective of terrorists is to use operational methods to achieve a combination of such objectives. Nevertheless, terrorism is designed in evoking responses from the government of the targeted nation or society in efforts to force it to alter its external policies. Federal initiatives in the US have mostly focused on regionally integrated approaches to provide the needed services to citizens. This aspect is very important in the area of national security because there is an urgent need to address the threat of terror attacks in order to effectively manage the usage of federal security funding. It has become apparent that regional strategies in this regard have helped in ensuring that such funding is spent in coordinated and complementary ways in targeting the evident security gaps. Regionalization plans have targeted emergency readiness while other areas are characterized with a number of broad aspects that are encouraged by the federal government, mostly through the designing of regional strategies and allocation of funding to states. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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