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International Law and Development - Essay Example

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Establishing international development assistance in the current age has become complicated because of the risks involved. A report of the ODI describes how ‘counter terrorism laws and other measures are having significant impact on humanitarian actions as such that it criminalizes the transfers of resources to terrorist groups or individuals, irrespective of the humanitarian character of such actions or the absence of any intention to support terrorist acts’1…
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International Law and Development
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Download file to see previous pages Compliance with counter terrorism measures has affected the ability of humanitarian organisations to provide assistance based on the principles of neutrality and impartiali...ty. Law and development is a topic that concerns the potential of law as an instrument of social change in developing countries. The key objective of this assignment is to evaluate the impact of public international law in an era which has been affected by changes in policies due to anti-terrorism laws and their affects on development assistance in developing countries. The key problem in this respect is that counter terrorism legislation and other policies have directly affected levels of development assistance, as many donors are now afraid of the consequences of indirectly funding designated entities or individuals. What is Development Aid Assistance? Development assistance can be separated into two sectors – private and public. Private aid is concerned with financial aid given by governments and other agencies to support the economic, environmental, social and political development of developing countries. It is distinguished from humanitarian aid (public aid) which focuses on long-term poverty alleviation. This assistance ensures that the country can develop instead of sliding back into conflict. Some examples include: the reconstruction of property and infrastructure, the return of displaced security, governance, transport of food and supplies, and the rebuilding of the economy. The aim of development assistance is to help developing countries function on their own and ensure that they can function independently after aid is extended to them. Public aid deals with humanitarian aid and its general aim is to help people in third world countries, particularly the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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