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How Drones Challenge Our Political System - Essay Example

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The author of this article will begin by acknowledging that there is widespread use of drones in resolving conflicts today. The author informs the readers that there are adverse effects associated with the continued use of such drones and robotics. …
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How Drones Challenge Our Political System
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Extract of sample "How Drones Challenge Our Political System"

Download file to see previous pages The writer mainly focuses on the negative impact posed by the drones. He acknowledges that drones have been a significant improvement from the B52s that were earlier used. He provides an example whereby B52s were used in World War 2. This resulted in major civilian casualties. However, the American public did not raise a finger to this. The writer goes on to explain how the smart bombs came into play. He directs the reader to consider the fact that these bombs were purported to be highly accurate. This, however, was not the case. These bombs resulted in unavoidable “collateral damage”. He continues to give the example of the attempt on Saddam Hussein. The reader may be inclined to think that the writer is either against technology or the use of drones precisely. Drones are, as have been proved, more accurate than the B52s that were earlier used. Therefore, why is the writer so against them? The writer is not concerned with the technology or the drones themselves, he is concerned with the moral impact that its use posses. He paints a picture of the future whereby drones will be available even to the terrorists. In this article, Allen proposes that the use of the drone technology should be regulated. Otherwise, the repercussions in the future will be unfathomable. The use drones pose an ethical and moral dilemma. In order to make his point clear, Allen views the targeting of individuals as synonymous to assassination. He introduces a comic relief to the article by claiming that the infamous Borgia would have been pleased by the new and effective way of murdering people. (Allen 5). Aside from the moral aspect associated with drones, the writer raises the issue of drone regulation. The writer wishes the readers to understand that the government of US has not monopolized the technology used in drones. This technology is fast spreading to other countries (Allen 5). There is a great possibility that, with time, this technology may find its way in the hands of the terrorists. Compared to the conventional means used by terrorists currently, the use of drone technology will be a big boost to them. Any persons who are considered to be enemies of the terrorists will have a cause to worry. The writer reiterates that drones employ artificial intelligence. Thus, they can be used to adapt to situations that humans may find difficult. The size of the drones is also decreasing significantly (Allen 5). It is expected that in the future drones will be the size of insects, thus, allowing them to penetrate into areas that humans cannot penetrate stealthily. Finally, Allen concludes that drones, given their technological impact, undermine the US political system. He points out that private firms, may venture into the business of drone technology. This will make it even difficult to institute a ban on this technology. The article hopes to inform the public of the ramifications of the use of drone technology. The moral questions posed by the targeting of individuals and its regulation. The writer appeals to the readers to understand the political decay caused by potential profits in the use of drone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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